Fleet Management Software

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Fleet Management Software – The centralized, automatic recording of different fleet management elements provided by the software ensures that all management information is in one place and instantly accessible to fleet managers.

Driving license checks, MOTs, training and more can be booked with automatic reminders sent via text and email to ensure information is up to date.

Fleet Management Software

Details such as license verification, vehicle maintenance and MOT documentation can be entered into the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) database with minimal human intervention.

Fleet Management Software And System

Depending on the system, the software can also provide a complete and comprehensive log of activity; This will become even more important with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in May.

In addition, the Fleet Operators Designation Scheme (FORS), the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence Scheme and the DVSA’s Acquired Designation Scheme (in trial phase), although voluntary, raise fleet operating standards but require record keeping to demonstrate compliance. The rules make handwritten records inadvisable and nearly unenforceable.

Fleet management software provides a clear, concise and automated audit of all fleet-related activities, demonstrating that companies comply with the GDPR principles of transparency and accountability, supported by evidence that they have consented to the use of all data. .

It is not enough to purchase a fleet management system that meets current needs. The package needs to be customizable and modular to ensure it fits your time and needs.

Vehicle Fleet Manager

Not only will a fleet grow and shrink, vehicle specifications will change, but industry regulations and standards will also change, and it is imperative that existing software can respond without the need to replace it, without major investments or disruptions. .

Fleet size is not the determining factor as duty of care, risk management, security and legal requirements are common to all, but the amount of data that needs to be collected, processed and analyzed increases over time.

As a result, the technology exists to manage fleets of five people across multiple companies, countries, currencies and continents on a single platform of up to 5,000 vehicles.

Those with single-digit fleets may look for entry-level solutions to scale as the fleet grows.

Fleet Management Technology Solutions

Fleet management tools need to integrate seamlessly with external systems such as HR, finance, payroll, fuel and maintenance cards, e-procurement, telematics, DVLA and HMRC.

A good provider’s standard setup should be based on best practices; so start with the basics and see if it meets most of your needs, then see what else is useful and what it has to offer.

Custom design is often undesirable as it is a short-term, inflexible change, while a modular system is stable, meeting changing needs and ensuring that all elements of a vehicle’s lifecycle are secured, from vehicle maintenance to violations, from driving to verifying policies. They are covered. and complaint protocol

Considering the number of modules some vendors offer, choosing the right software to manage your fleet can be like negotiating a minefield.

Telematics Vs. Fleet Management Software

First, buyers should consider exactly what they need: what data they want to collect, how and at what level it should be analyzed, the processes and protocols the system should implement, etc.

Document a vehicle’s life from start to finish and decide how much needs to be automated; This is because there is no isolated intermediary and the data can be combined to provide a valuable overview and audit trail.

Then evaluate what you need in three, five, seven years, so you’re fueled by cultural and technological progress.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have a good idea of ​​the scope of work that you can convey to potential vendors in an RFP (request for proposal). Definition is everything.

Fleet Management System: Essential Templates For Fleet Managers

As you outline the building blocks, it is helpful to review the work you have done to date to identify outdated practices so you can present this in the RFP.

When you want to change what your current application does, be careful to look for technologies that mirror what you have; The new software must offer the best cost-benefit advantage. And don’t update old tender documents: your company and market have almost certainly changed.

Fancy insulation isn’t the way to go either; so check with companies that use the system you’re considering, and then ask to see it on site so you can experience it in action.

Thorough communication is key: Talk to vendors and hear from them about what they have, what they plan to do, and how the tools will work for their existing customers.

Marine Fleet Management

For example, it can be used to record maintenance records as well as daily vehicle checks to ensure portability.

A system can show when a service is due, an MOT test is due and regular vehicle checks are due, all on one screen.

Managers should be able to set and prioritize alerts to be notified of potential duty of care breaches. For example, in cases where strict enforcement is required, the fleet manager can be informed if a moving vehicle is not inspected.

Prioritization is important. It’s easy to get so caught up in data that it’s tempting to do nothing with it, and this can quickly turn into a habit.

Essential Fleet Management Software Features To Boost Efficiency And Maximize Roi

If this is necessary for standard fleets, it is even more important for gray fleets that are subject to the whims of the owner’s mind.

Anything that improves efficiency and makes it easier for staff to provide details such as car insurance, VED, MOT and services means employers are legally protecting themselves and their image. Risk management and reputation are inseparable.

While a paperless society is still a fanciful goal, anything that eliminates spreadsheets is more efficient.

Fleet management software collects, organizes and displays information in real time and is easy to access. This becomes increasingly important as fleet management continues to intensify.

Software Platform For Fleet Management

The apps allow mobile devices to import the photo, ensuring drivers have no excuse for not providing required information and enabling instant, automated communication directly with drivers.

This makes regular information updates part of the company culture and allows them to be incorporated into employment contracts, codes of conduct and job descriptions.

Almost everything in the lifecycle of a fleet needs to be automated: adding, assigning and updating jobs, turning employees on and off, recording and updating vehicle faults, maintenance history and service schedules detailing work performed/to be done. made.

Additionally, paper forms, inspection forms and availability and use of pool machines, accident/incident forms, etc. May be replaced by online versions, including self-service registrations such as

Benefits Of Fleet Management System And Step By Step Fms Development Guide

It also eliminates the possibility of dispersed physical data causing information to be lost or duplicated, providing a unified and accurate fleet profile that is instantly accessible to all parties.

DVSA-approved electronic confirmations and signatures make this process even easier. And if time is money, time saved is worth a fortune.

Upgrading fleet management technology requires a significant investment of time and money and must therefore provide measurable benefits.

There is an urgent need to re-evaluate the problems in current arrangements, especially if they do not integrate seamlessly with other software or create more problems than they solve, requiring more effort rather than less.

Universal Fleet Manager For Mobile Robots

The right system should allow the fleet department to do more work without needing to increase headcount.

Whether upgrading means starting from scratch and moving out of a snowballing pile of paper or moving to next-generation technology, upgrading many systems to the web or cloud has reduced the task and made deployment, scaling and adaptation easier. Many other programs, domestic and foreign.

Any product that forces the company to do things differently should be avoided because it cannot be adapted, but if your current supplier constantly develops and improves the product, the update should be seamless.

However, note that transferring data from one provider to another may require reformatting; This is a big problem if you’re moving from a spreadsheet to software.

Fleet Management Solutions In 2022 (+ System Comparison Table)

And watch out for the future; Manufacturers will soon include telematics systems as standard in vehicles and devices will become smarter.

Your partners will act as your support team, ensuring and automating compliance.

Research the market to find out what’s out there in software development and talk to potential vendors about how their systems handle HR, finance, payroll, etc. Talk about how it integrates with the rest of the world.

For this you need an API (application programming interface). Most cloud platforms come with a fully functional API, but without that you’re limited to working with a single company.

Ranked Top Fleet Management Software Faster Asset Fleet Management Software

Supplier financial stability is a prerequisite, investment in products is essential and high standards are a must in areas important to your business, such as ISO safety accreditation, regulatory compliance and DVSA compliance.

Find an experienced account management team, select references, talk to colleagues

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