Nearshore Software Outsourcing

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Nearshore Software Outsourcing – Learn about our software development services. A team of experienced developers helps startups and small and medium businesses turn their big ideas into profitable projects.

Check out some examples of successful cases we have provided to our clients. We can find the right solution for any business need.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing

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Nearshore Vs Offshore Outsourcing: Which One To Choose?

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What Is Nearshore Software Development

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Onshore & Nearshore & Offshore Software Development Comparison

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Google, Tesla, Porsche, Johnson & Johnson, EY, IBM and many other world renowned companies choose outsourcing as the ultimate solution for their needs. They have set a precedent for other companies who are still considering using the latest software development services for their business.

Nearshore software development is a collaborative model between a client and a company or team of software engineers.

Software Development Outsourcing. What You Need To Know

This type of partnership usually offers lower costs without compromising quality. This is useful when a client faces a severe talent shortage in their home country, so looking abroad becomes unavoidable.

As the global technical talent gap has become a serious problem, many companies are looking for skilled software development engineers. In 2020, the deficit is 40 million unfilled jobs. This is expected to reach 85.2 million workers in the next decade. By 2030, the skills gap will cost companies around the world $8.4 trillion in lost revenue.

For many, hiring developers near the coast is the ultimate solution because it offers seamless connectivity, cultural cohesion and cost efficiency. Many international companies are building hubs in the future as they want to be competitive in the local market.

The offshore development model is ideal for organizations that are concerned about cultural and geographic barriers. This allows the production of products to be outsourced to specialists who are not far away.

What Is Nearshore Outsourcing And What Are Its Benefits?

Although software outsourcing is almost similar to onshore and offshore models, the main difference is the time frame. As the contractor and the software development company or team are closer, it leads to better communication and delivery results. Therefore, this model provides a middle ground between the coast, which poses less risk and separates the client and team across four time zones.

If you want your team to understand your needs, smooth communication should be a priority. Since nearby developers are closer to customers and their working hours are similar, problems that arise can be resolved quickly.

In most cases, intimate software development teams are geographically close to the customer. This fact allows for smooth communication and quick resolution of problems that may arise.

Even if your team is located overseas, you can be sure that there will be minimal cultural differences with offshore development outsourcing. For example, IT professionals from Eastern and Western Europe have similar results-oriented mindsets and approaches to work.

What Is Nearshore Outsourcing

Why Central and Eastern European countries are an attractive destination for global companies looking for high technology at a reasonable price.

Nearshore software development is a type of outsourcing model that involves a software development team that is geographically close (2-4 hours away) to the customer. A location close to the beach is the next best option after going to the beach, providing you with the same quality of technicians while being cost effective.

All these benefits allow customers to assign tasks, organize online meetings, effectively manage the team and manage the necessary processes to produce results. Another advantage of custom software development is that customers can easily meet their teams in person. Shorter distances mean shorter flight times and better communication of customer needs and overall team efficiency.

Offshoring software development is a collaborative model between a client and a company or technical expert team of software engineers located overseas. The geographic distance and time difference means that the development unit is “offshore” from the employer.

Why Do You Need Nearshore Software Development For Your Business?

Onshore software development is a collaborative model between a client and a company or team of software engineers located in the same country and usually without time difference.

Since the client and its immediate software development team are not separated by significant distance and time, it is much easier to maintain continuous communication and gain greater control over processes and other key details. Many businesses choose this model because it suits their needs. Below are some of the reasons why companies choose software development.

Unwilling to sacrifice quality to save money, many companies choose to shop local. For example, hiring a developer in Germany costs $81,700 per year including tax; In Holland you have to pay 88 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the average cost of software development in countries like Ukraine is $40,000 to $45,000 per year for the average developer.

Get outsourcing rates in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and tips on how to choose a country for offshore development.

Top 5 Nearshore Software Development Companies In Argentina

There are approximately 1.3 million software engineers and other technical professionals in Eastern Europe, so clients can choose from a wide range of potential candidates to suit their needs. In fact, some countries in Central Asia have more science graduates than some countries widely recognized for innovation, such as Japan, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Another advantage of nearshoring is that most IT professionals can easily communicate with employers and ensure that they have a good understanding of the target audience.

Companies that prioritize speed to market will choose the closest model to meet their needs. Although it is more expensive, many businesses are willing to pay more to get the work done faster. Since some projects may require the physical presence of a contractor, companies prefer to work directly with a team of software engineers.

Many companies choose this model because it is cost effective, low risk and solves the problem of talent shortage in the contracting company.

Nearshore Software Development And The Benefits It Has For Your Business

Launched in 2013, Pricena is now the leading price comparison website in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Nigeria and South Africa helping online shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.

This new startup is looking for a reliable near-term software development solution for iOS and Android mobile applications. The company faced a talent shortage in its home country, but was reluctant to hire freelancers to work on its projects due to past negative experiences. So, they chose the closest distance to solve the problem. They partnered with Grid Dynamics and hired a team of full-stack developers who helped build the web version of Bryzna.

Another hosting company is Lamina Technologies

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