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Till Software – Our cloud solutions have become very popular in the Hospitality Industry. Undeniable and changeable ability.

Quick service is very important in the hospitality industry. With a quick and easy-to-use menu screen, Tapa PoS can handle even the busiest sites with ease.

Till Software

The user interface is simple yet powerful, combining intuitive features that simplify operations and allow you to set up your team at any time.

Supermarkt Lebensmittel Pos Software

Powerful security features help secure your money and stocks and enable you to stay in control of your business.

Tapa PoS System for Leisure: Restaurants, Catering, Cafes, Bars and Retail etc. Our software puts you back in the running of your business. This allows you to focus on more important aspects of the business instead of worrying about broken work or unexpected software shutdowns. We have an EPoS system you can rely on for the perfect point of sale.

We know the hospitality industry, so because we’re in the hospitality industry ourselves, we know what features can help your business run smoothly and stress-free. Our experience enables us to think outside the box, about every little detail that makes Hospitality better. Tapa PoS System offers a high quality EPoS System!

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, cafe or bar booking system, our PoS system is what the hospitality industry has always wanted and now it’s finally here.

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They change the whole experience of being outdoors. Rushing customers through their meals, ordering drinks and not having time to talk is a common occurrence, something that used to be inevitable, but now with our software it’s not even a thought. Orders are printed and shipped immediately, no waiting time, smooth nights and no errors.

Increasing sales is probably the most desirable thing on this list, right? There is no doubt that with our on-site sales solutions, you will see your business better, your staff happier and you will have more time to build relationships with customers, to slow down and enjoy the experience. himself.

Is an industry leading UK Epos solutions provider, based in Northern Ireland, they serve thousands of businesses all reporting growth in their bottom line.

Ubiquitous cloud-based access systems serve many industries and are changing the way businesses can conduct day-to-day operations. With a team of experts on hand and a robust email solution, rapid expansion is understandable. With its unique ability to continue your business, even in the event of an internet outage, it pioneers the next generation of Epos.

Supermarket Pos Software In Kenya For Supermarkets, Mini Marts

We provide ongoing support for every Epos solution we install and the ability of our specialist team to understand your business and tailor our Epos system to your individual needs brings us to the forefront of the Epos market.

If you are looking for a more advanced sales system or looking for integration, contact us and we can help you customize our EPoS software for your business needs. With hundreds of happy customers, Tapa helps increase efficiency, increase revenue and conduct business securely, even when the connection is down. While the solution is one of the richest ePOS solutions in the industry, offering a wealth of management reporting, it is designed to reduce shrinkage and speed up operations.

Description Samtouch ePOS software is only available with a range of Sam4s ePOS touch screens and Hisense Windows tablets.

Important notice: We do not provide Samtouch ePOS Software online! We are more than happy to provide Hardware, however, when choosing the right software for your business, we recommend that you speak to us first. Let us guide you through the potential “minefield” out there. Our advice is FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

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Switching to a new ePOS solution can be a daunting experience that requires valuable management and staff time.

Buying your solution online without “on the ground” support can lead to major installation and configuration issues.

We eliminate this pain by ensuring that the initial installation and configuration is done professionally and tailored to your business operations.

Complete testing is carried out on the premise of ensuring that the underlying network and system infrastructure is configured specifically for your needs.

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A new POS system can be stressful for staff members, so our training takes place at your site where staff members are more relaxed in an environment they are familiar with.

Ongoing support is part of the whole package offered by. If you are looking for advice over the phone. remote access to your system or visit our website from us, you can be sure that the support takes place only a telephone connection (or) a remote desktop connection.

Our solution is so easy to use that staff members can be fully trained in less than 20 minutes.

Although the solution is one of the most feature-rich POS solutions in the industry, offering many management reports, it is designed to reduce costs and speed up operations.

Tissl Epos Cloud

Our system offers fast operation of unloading clerks or tabs across multiple terminals, as well as simple table management, split billing and fast tendering.

With lead operations that recommend cooking instructions, up-selling or cross-selling features, you can be sure that this operation is kept simple for the operator, but offers every opportunity to increase transaction value average.

Continuous system maintenance, including product changes, menu changes or display changes can be done at the POS terminal or through our cloud-based solution, Samtouch Office.

Samtouch Office Access allows you to change without connecting the POS solution and can even be changed in advance and updated at the desired time.

Restaurant Pos Software

Monitoring stock shortages or identifying staff error notifications is only a small part of a cloud back office solution.

Access (optional) Samtouch SaaS Cloud Office allows you to change without connecting the POS solution and can even be changed in advance and updated at a time chosen by you.

With numerous management reports available at the click of a button, Samtouch SaaS Cloud Office provides an easy-to-use back office solution that reduces common tasks. A good EPOS system not only looks more professional when serving customers, but also speeds up the whole process. Whether it’s a direct sale or something more complex. The touch screen means you are always customer facing and speed up transactions and professional printed invoices or credit notes expected by your modern customers. As an integrated chip and contactless payment system. A variety of hardware is available to suit your needs, including Bluetooth scanners, cash or cash display drawers, which show the customer only, everything you need specifically for your scheme. You now record every sale of every product, every cost and selling price, and everything the assistant makes in cash. This information is invaluable and will flow through the submission system itself where you need it. The software also comes in different flavors (modules). so you only have to buy what you need. Upgrade what you need, when you need it.

Product data is key to managing your system and you need to be able to record and monitor every aspect of it. Here are some of the important controls you have

Pos Software System: Definition, Pros Cons, And How It Works

With the ‘customer price’ module, the Retailer will check and remember all the customer-specific prices you need, and if you use a discount, you only need the selling price of your product . You can also use net price or markdowns if necessary. Accounts are managed using open orders which are converted into invoices whenever desired.

An important part of modern retail is the ability to handle all types of sales, quickly and efficiently. Customer delivery and collection are the most common, but with the unique Supplier Integration feature you can quickly add new products from suppliers to sell and mark them for delivery or collection later as well.

Don’t throw your money into stocks you can’t sell. At the heart of a good system is the ability to buy the right product from the right supplier at the right time. Yet our unique Supplier Integration feature is key to making this possible. Here’s what to expect..

Under normal circumstances, if the customer returns a defective item, it will be placed in a secure location until it is returned to the supplier for a refund or replacement. However, in reality it is never that simple. Not only can they disappear, they can be put back on the shelf and resold, or damaged by floating around the stock room for too long. You also need to account for this item if it is actually out of stock and find the invoice amount for it. The return module handles all your needs with the following features.

Retailedge Pos Software

If you’re looking for an integrated accounting package that goes along with ‘Making Taxes Digital’, ‘Retailer’ has the answer.

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