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Titan Accounting Software – Running your own appraisal business means you have to be an expert in all aspects of the trade. But that doesn’t mean having to manage multiple programs. Lucky for you, you have Titan Office as your central point of connection. It integrates with TOTAL and Titan reports, giving you access to all your orders, records, status, schedules, and invoicing from one place.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Or are you not sure how it will work for your office? This blog will walk you through some of the steps in your current workday. To show you how Titan Office will save you time. (and mental health) with each piece

Titan Accounting Software

You’ve been asking for a better way to manage orders and fulfillment for years. Many appraisers still update their paper files or spreadsheets when they receive new work. Then re-enter this information multiple times to plan your audit, initiate reporting, and bill. The amount of data that needs to be re-entered is running out.

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With Titan Office, you associate each new order with a TOTAL report file. When you do this​ Order information such as address, case/loan number And the customer information goes directly into the report. Hello, save time! And your order information will be forwarded to a calendar notification for the assessor to review. And it will automatically appear on all overdue invoices and notifications. Discover for yourself how easy it is to link reports in the video below.

When a customer calls you to request an update. Just open your order in Titan Office to instantly view records, history, and status (you know, instead of spending the next 15 minutes sorting through programs and records).

Checking schedules often requires looking at multiple calendars, Google Maps, and employee schedules just to determine who’s available. We spoke to several frustrated appraisers who were still walking around. Along with a post-it or printed schedule to organize inspections. This is despite the fact that online accounting software and spreadsheets have begun to be used.

Titan Office makes plans faster than ever. Use the map view in the schedule window to view all appointments by date and time. Using color codes according to the appraiser. So you know immediately if someone is in the area for an existing job. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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Assessors can also sync their calendars to get appointment updates while on the go. Calling all office managers and system administrators! This allows you to notify the appraiser immediately when you are scheduled for an inspection or request an inspection. without any additional action required

No appraiser wants to work for free. But in the real world We all know that not all customers always pay on time. Keeping everything under control can be a huge headache – we understand. That’s why we’ve fully automated the payment process. And it makes it easy to keep track of the money you owe.

Every time you make a purchase in Titan Office, the associated invoice will also be filled out. Simply tell Titan Office what you paid for a specific type of work or client. and when the order is sent Your fees will be deposited automatically. When the order is complete Go to the Accounting tab to open the invoice and send it to your customer along with the report file. See how easy it is in the video below.

Ready for something really cool? From the moment you send your invoice, Titan Office follows the timeline until payment is received. And it will send payment reminders based on the settings you choose to automate the process.

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Then when the money comes in, just open the invoice to make payment easy. Or use the Batch Payments button to apply one check to multiple invoices. If there is a partial payment The invoice will remain open when you apply the amount and will show the remaining balance. No more wondering what you’re missing and who owes you money. Because it’s all available to you at the click of a button.

One of the best ways to ensure that everyone has access to the same information at the same time is to store it all in the same place! We developed the Titan Office Dashboard directly based on user feedback. You asked us to combine your to-do list and calendar. We go a step further and give you a quick overview of everything that’s happening in your store.

Each person in your office has a dashboard view specific to their role and position. Evaluators can view the upcoming work pipeline. Monthly performance chart and customizable office-wide notes Managers and office admins can view the entire office’s pipeline at once or filter by employee. You can also set up company-wide alerts in the Announcements section of Office to communicate this information to the rest of your employees about upcoming meetings, training, or general updates. You can also save your dashboard screen as your default Titan landing page.

Every part of the dashboard is interactive. You can click on any category and immediately see all related orders. For example, you can click Unassigned orders overview to see all orders that are not yet scheduled or assigned. Then just click to open and edit the order as needed. Including assignments and deadlines

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We know that evaluators spend a lot of time in the field. Use the dashboard as a one-click view when you want to check status while traveling or just to access what you need in a moment – no matter where you are.

We’ve received a lot of feedback from evaluators highlighting how quickly processing payroll has become unnecessarily complicated. One completed evaluation job may have multiple signatures from data entry, evaluators, and supervisors. They all have different pay rates, in addition to different rates for clients, tasks and forms. It also gives you an accounting nightmare.

Titan Office allows you to customize all job types, client rates, and rate splits. That information will automatically flow to whatever you’re working on. When you’re ready to process payroll Just select an employee from the drop-down list. and all related orders will be displayed. The compensation of employees is calculated in advance. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.

Cost allocation tables allow you to assign percentages or dollar amounts to tasks such as auditing or data entry. Prepare a rate schedule for all the work you pay your employees. Then give that desk to your agent when setting up each user. Then for each task they complete Wages per job are calculated automatically.

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Set job types and client rates to adjust fees for requested assessment types and on a per-client basis. These settings will then populate your invoice. Past due notices and many more along with the amount due.

Once the default settings have been entered There will be no more data entry, calculations or guesswork. When you’re ready to process payroll Just select an employee from the drop-down list. Then all completed related orders will be displayed. Ready to calculate employee compensation in advance An Accounts Payable statement is then created, which you can print along with the check and give to your employees.

Every company needs to know how to do it. In the end it all comes down to dollars and cents. Reporting and analytics will help you track your performance. Expected income And what’s in store for you in the coming months?

Titan Office reporting gives you all the information you need to stay on top of trends. Not only can you pull reports that include payroll. Pending invoice and orders that are past due for payment only But you can also filter by customer type. Assigned evaluator or date range as well You can also send recurring reports on a regular schedule – to yourself or the entire office!

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Does the client need multiple emergency jobs? Create a report showing actual workload and processing times before reporting ETA. Do you try to staff accordingly during slow months? Make decisions based on volumes in the same months of previous years.

Titan Office comes with many pre-built reports. You can customize or create from scratch according to your needs. Data-driven decisions are just a click away. Set your own path!

We’ve highlighted some of the real results you can expect from Titan Office, but these are really just the tip of the iceberg. You now have all the tools you need to streamline and automate the majority of your back office workflow. automatic And we’ll help you get started at any time!

When you’re ready for training Choose from our wide range of video-based learning options. Go to written instructions at https://help.alamode.com/titan-office.

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Or if you need hands-on help with advice. Join our upcoming free webinar where we’ll have complete product guides and answer your questions live! https://www.alamode.com/resources/training/

As an Elite member, don’t forget that you can receive unlimited coaching sessions for hands-on training with one of our product experts! Whether you want to access the report Track invoices Analyze real estate trends Or fix it immediately, with Titan you can do it.

Titan raises the standard for managing business assessments with online form completion. Cloud storage and backup, analytics, accounting and invoicing, and more. Your security.

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