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Asap Software Company – ASAP is a cloud-based team and classroom management solution that meets the needs of small and medium teams and large companies. The solution helps organizations manage classes, after-school programs, events and camps. Key features include online family and corporate account registration, course organization and scheduling, attendance management and dashboard data processing. ASAP provides data transformations into live reports, access to standard reports and models, statistical control and management reports. Offers after-school program management, event registration, creation and tracking of fundraising and donation campaigns, private lesson management, product store and reservations. ASAP provides…

We are very pleased with the results of our new ASAP childcare program. From the beginning, our training partner Shelley Mossman has been an amazing coach. He met with us and took notes on our company’s needs and wants, listened carefully to what we expected from our system. She then guides us in creating a childcare plan that works for all of our needs. When we experience problems, you meet with the installers as soon as possible to fix any existing problems. We’ve launched our new online autumn registration in full swing. In the past, I spent hours building data for each student. With ASAP, the entire process is online. Families register and enter all required information or registration will not be completed. After the success of our summer camps, Shelley continued her training to create Before School/After School Enrollment. Again, starting this registration process is almost flawless. We did experience a few hiccups but Shelley worked hard to fix the issues. Again, ASAP saved us hours of database searching. Our new online system is easy to use and very easy to make simple configuration changes. We are very happy with the outcome of the online appointment provided by ASAP. We are also very impressed with how they take their customer requests and always try to improve their system. We will highly recommend you as soon as possible.

Asap Software Company

If a customer opens an account, they are not required to fill in all information unless they are purchasing at that time. Periodic billing statements are required for the date of services.

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ASAP has been a great benefit to my company. It saved us countless hours of manpower, stress and the necessary phone lines. I was able to go from getting 200 phone calls a day for zero class enrollments to about 20 because of using ASAP.

My company uses ASAP to manage student enrollment at multiple locations throughout the Houston area. Through some custom programming, ASA staff were able to modify their software to only allow participants to log into their pool and keep all other locations hidden to eliminate confusion. ASA support staff are very quick to respond and tireless in their efforts to resolve any issues that arise. Until now, these issues were the result of user errors, which the team helped fix as needed. With a web-based registration system, I have full access from wherever I am, so I can always make updates and changes to any registration on the spot. The system features for ASAP are detailed and can give you as much information as you need in multiple packages.

While I really like using ASAP for my recording needs, it does have some limitations at this point. However, the software is constantly being updated and improved, so I don’t expect these limitations to remain for long. The downside is that while you can email your program participants, staff, etc. as quickly as possible, you’re using web-based emails that don’t save sent messages. I would like to see an interface connected to the email program installed on the user’s computer, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, that would allow the email sender to save messages for reference. Finally, the only other downside I’ve come across is that the system isn’t fully functional on BlackBerry or other smartphones. You can get detailed information, but you cannot drill down to class information to see individual participants.

I regret purchasing this program. There have been improvements to our registration process, but not enough to overcome the frustrations.

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The user interface is flat and full of limited customization. Pages don’t load, we spend a lot of time waiting for software. You have to constantly switch between the old and the new version to be able to create a class or run reports – some functions work in the old version, some in the new. References are not sorted. The teacher app is not working. Random things don’t work, like some student emails don’t show up in logs, dates or times return errors, attachments don’t get sent with group messages, etc. Emails are always automated. is wrong (sent without greeting, containing Site Name instead of information, billing assistants instead of thanking them) Some assistive technologies are very evasive and don’t help much. Some are fine, but it’s very frustrating to get one that tells you your case isn’t important. The administrative assistant is terrible. Do not use it for gifts. We invest a lot in training and data transfer, so we invest a lot in this software. We did a lot of research before choosing it and plan to use it for the foreseeable future. However, it is very unfortunate that we are exploring other options, even if it would be inconvenient for students and families to change.

We are looking for something more suitable for where our system is. Online registration, donor tracking, ease of viewing and attending classes are very important to us. We thought he would meet our needs in no time, but he said no.

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Before switching to ASAP, our company was using an old Access database that had problems forever. While switching to ASAP took a bit of a learning curve, it was incredibly helpful overall. I love that we can track credits, attendance, course completion, etc. all from one place. We run business and invoice reports every week to track our metrics. Instructors or administrative staff can leave notes on the student’s account so we know why something was done outside of normal policy / why someone didn’t complete the course / etc. Love asap!

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Web-based – pricing – staff training at the start of implementation – availability, credit tracking, course completion – online student registration

My local art school on a college campus, until 2016, was registered with photocopy forms and all billing and accounting was done by the college business office. ASAP has changed the way we do everything and I strongly believe it has given our system what it needs to thrive in the technological age and become the best it has ever been. The support team was amazing, with effective training to provide our leaders and staff with quick and detailed answers to any questions and quick solutions to any issues we encountered along the way. We’ve never seen our customers happier with their registration experience. From bulk data entry of all existing customer information, to ease of online registration and payment, to automated reminders, we are now able to provide our program families with the best experience possible. Our faculty and staff are also pleased with the ease of attendance tracking and real-time access to enrollment information. I was amazed at how well the ASAP software fit our organizational needs and allowed me to work with multiple offices at once.

The support team met all my needs and exceeded my expectations. The software itself has kept my system running smoothly and customer satisfaction is the highest it has been in years.

The only thing I’m having trouble with is that the sales editor page is loading slowly. Everything else was a dream come true. What makes us different is the people. Our passion for cars drives us forward and helps us grow and improve every day. Together, we managed to become a leading technology partner in a very short period of time. As an independent subsidiary of HCLTech, we combine durability with quality. successful mindset. We think ahead, always keeping in mind the latest technologies.

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Michael Neisen has been Chairman of the Group Board of Directors since January 2010. After studying automotive engineering with a special focus on body construction at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, he began his career in 1990 as a body builder – a major technical project. in Heilbronn. A few years later, he became branch manager in Ingolstadt and in 2000 he was appointed CEO. In 2002, he also became managing director of the Heilbronn/Neckarsulm branch.

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Keap is a CRM for small businesses that want to automate their sales and marketing processes. Its features are valuable for colleges that need to manage their enrollment and admission cycles.

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