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I give Roger Jennings 5 ​​stars, he has kept me updated and I could not have asked for a better attorney, thank you Carlson Law Firm!

Personal Injury Lawyer Lubbock Tx

Everyone I dealt with was polite, patient, kind and helpful! Thanks so much for the help!! Amazing people!!

Benefits Of Choosing A Female Attorney

Carlson Law Firm was fantastic to work with. Especially Raven, who kept track of me and often followed me around.

They were beautiful! I will recommend them to my family and friends. I have never had any problems and always had time to pick up the phone and explain everything I needed to know.

Excellent work and very helpful, Maximo Hinojos helped me, a very kind and attentive person, recommend ?

Roger and the team went above and beyond! I would recommend them any day! Thank you for all the work you did on our case!

The Carlson Law Firm Has 16 Locations Across The State Of Texas

They are the best lawyers they offer, they are the best, I recommend them to all my family and friends.

During my car accident experience, Anna kept me informed and answered all my questions. I am very happy with the result!

My husband worked with Roger Jennings at the Carlson Law Firm. He was always available to answer any questions we had and help us with what needed to be done. He updated us every week and made the process very easy. Thank you, Roger, for your patience and determination in following our case from start to finish.

I really enjoyed working with Valerie Malone, Matt Malone and their team. I am satisfied with the way they handled my case and I will be the first one if I need the services of an attorney again.

Andrew B. Curtis

Valerie Malone is a caring person who helps people every day. If you want someone to listen to you and fight for you, contact the Carlson Law Firm.

You are amazed by Valerie’s love for her clients. I don’t feel like a number and I really feel like she and her team are doing it in a way that makes the customer happy! We highly recommend the Valerie & Carlson Law Firm.

Thank you Matt and Valerie for your hard work on our case. Carlson Law Firm is a leading law firm.

I love everyone who works at Carlson Law Firm of Lubbock. These guys are like family now! Valerie, Matt, Kate and Max are the best in the west! Highly recommended.

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From the first day I contacted them to the last day I received my apartment, Carlson Law Firm was extremely helpful with all my concerns and needs! They always supported me and gave me their opinion! Roger Jay was exceptional!

Carlson Law Firm is the best. Many thanks to Maximo Hinojos and his team for the good work on my case. This company works for me and everything went well.

Anna Mora and Matt Malone helped me with my story when a woman hit my car on Christmas Eve with my whole family in the car. He had the audacity to lie to the police about having insurance and then sue me. Conclusion The Carlson Law Firm helped me make things right and compensated me for a horrible experience.

Matt Malone and his team, Raven and Max, were very thorough and responsive throughout the process. They were easy to work with and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

Property Damage Lawyer Lubbock Tx

Anna worked on our car accident case. He did a great job keeping us informed and took all the stress away. We are pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend The Carlson Law Firm to friends and family.

In the Lubbock and West Texas community, we understand the significant impact personal injury can have on your life. If you find yourself in a desperate situation, you need a skilled and compassionate Lubbock personal injury attorney ready to fight for your rights and make sure you get the justice you deserve. are deserved.

West Texas has many commercial vehicle accidents, due in part to the busy economy and extensive highway network. Lubbock, a center in West Texas, typically sees a high proportion of these accidents, from minor collisions to serious truck accidents.

Your Lubbock personal injury attorney understands the dynamics of the state and uses this knowledge to carefully construct your case, ensuring that all aspects are addressed to obtain adequate compensation for your suffering and loss. is covered.

The Lubbock Lawyer

Our Lubbock personal injury attorneys handle only personal injury claims. We offer a wide range of personal injury legal services, including, but not limited to:

Contact our office today if you need a Lubbock personal injury attorney who combines expertise, compassion, and the consistent pursuit of justice. Together we can work to get the justice and compensation you deserve, giving you a pillar of support in your time of need.

What Makes The Carlson Law Firm Different No matter what your case demands, our staff of Lubbock personal injury attorneys can help you find a resolution to your case through pre-suit settlement negotiations or trial and error. Committed to helping you. We will always be by your side. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our Lubbock personal injury attorneys.

As a model of care and compassion in the Lubbock legal community, we prioritize a personal touch and individual attention to each client, valuing them as individuals and valued members of the community. Our legal staff is equipped with the local knowledge to passionately fight for your rights.

Lubbock Personal Injury Attorneys

When pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, the path to justice can often be complicated by complex legal hurdles. It is important to have an attorney with the resources and experience to see your case through. Our firm is equipped with a strong professional network and extensive resources to handle complex cases, ensuring that nothing is left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

There are no upfront fees or out-of-pocket costs for personal injury clients at our Lubbock law office. We only get paid when we successfully resolve your claim.

Typically, injury claims can take anywhere from 18 months to several years to resolve, depending on the complexity of the claim. Your legal team at Carlson Law Firm will explain the legal process to you and keep you up to date.

The Carlson Law Firm is known for its excellent work with clients and outstanding legal representation. Every client is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve when they have been harmed through no fault of their own. Let our Lubbock personal injury law office take care of the following so you can focus on your recovery.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

In the heart of Lubbock, where the spirit of unity and community is strong, we are your neighbors, ready for you in your time of need. As your dedicated Lubbock personal injury attorney, we bring expertise, resources and deep compassion to every case.

To us you are not just another matter. You are a member of our West Texas community and deserve respect, dignity and justice. Take advantage of our attorneys’ years of experience, who are intimately familiar with local dynamics and know how to aggressively and compassionately represent you before insurance companies and corporations.

Don’t let uncertainty rule your future. Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step toward regaining your peace of mind. Your journey to justice is our journey, and we promise to be with you every step of the way. When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you need an attorney who truly cares about you and your case.

I started my practice using my legal knowledge and experience to help my clients win challenging cases.

Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Lawyers

I am here to give you a voice in the system and stop the system from taking advantage of you and what you are capable of.

Working with me is a one-on-one relationship. I personally manage all client cases, from intake to resolution. You can’t go through this alone. I treat every client like family. I want you to feel supported and heard as an individual, not a case number.

Ms. Blankenship was born in Lubbock, Texas. He grew up here and knows well the values ​​of this close-knit community. He graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1994 and opened his own law firm in 1995. He also holds a master’s degree in financial planning from Texas Tech.

We have the strongest and most dedicated team of personal injury experts in West Texas. Let us put them to work for you!

Lubbock Car Accident Lawyer

Gracie has been a paralegal in Lubbock since 1991 and has extensive experience handling personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Former case manager for Kyra K. Blankenship, P.C. Since 2009

Lana was born and raised in Lubbock and joined the company in August 2018. She has over 19 years of experience as an administrative assistant.

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Isabella Curiel

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