Personal Injury Lawyer Etobicoke

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Personal Injury Lawyer Etobicoke – The firm’s young and energetic tort attorneys are deeply and positively impacting the lives of their clients, dispelling misconceptions, and shaping the future of tort law.

Looking at the talent of Oatley Vigmond’s personal injury attorneys and her future track record, it is clear to her that the future is bright for one of Canada’s leading personal injury firms.

Personal Injury Lawyer Etobicoke

Oatley Vigmond has been ranked as one of Canada’s top law firms by Canadian Lawyer Magazine since the award’s inception in 2011. The firm’s partners attribute its strong reputation to the talent and work of its senior associates, including Lara Fitzgerald-Husek. , Leanne Brown, Erin Murray, Karen Vigmond, Ben Irantalab, Jordan Coffman, Harrison Cooper, Charles Jung, Nicholas W. Smith, Merella Botros, Rayanna Hammadi.

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Associates recognized the firm’s partners with this honor for their meaningful leadership and dedicated service to clients. Autry Vigmond’s partners are James L. Vigmond, Brian M. Cameron, Robert M. Durante, Troy Lehman, Adam R. Little and Kevin Henderson. Another founding member, James “Jim” Vigmond, received the largest spinal cord injury verdict in Canadian history.

Charles Jung, a partner at Autry Vigmond for six years, said: “I have learned a great deal from my partners as lawyers and leaders in their field.” “I feel fortunate to work with partners who are not only talented, but also kind, generous, and understanding.” They have provided many opportunities for me to continue to grow as a lawyer and continue to be successful at the firm. He gave me. ”

Lara Fitzgerald Husek, a partner at the firm who has been with the firm for seven years, said she was impressed by the way Troy Lehman, one of Autry Vigmond’s partners, treated people. He said he is the kind of lawyer he wants to be. “He was fair, honest, kind, and an example of how to run a successful law firm and stick to things.”

Rayanna Hammadi, the firm’s new partner, agrees. She said: “Her colleagues are truly an inspiration to me and take the time to provide meaningful mentorship to young lawyers and students.

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For Karen Vigmond, it’s a little personal. As she approaches her 10th anniversary as a partner in the firm, she is encouraged by her father and co-founder, James L. Vigmond. “I was tortured from an early age because my father was in the business for many years. You can see how much he loved his job. It’s the satisfaction that comes from being able to make a difference in lives. I decided to follow his lead, and I’m glad I did. It suits me too!”

The desire to remain at the top of our profession comes from our colleagues behind the scenes, our personal injury professionals, and most importantly, our customers.

Ben Irantalab, a partner at the firm, said he was still amazed by the strength of his customers seven years after joining the company. “The resilience and courage they have shown after experiencing such a tragic and life-changing event is truly inspiring.

Nicholas W. Smith, a partner at the firm, agreed: But despite these challenges, they continue to persevere. It’s great to be a part of. ”

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The stress of facing a life-altering situation is what motivates each partner to ensure that our clients receive justice and fair compensation so they can rebuild their lives.

Our partner Leanne Brown says, “Let’s not forget that why we do what we do for our customers is important. We are very customer-focused. Everyday Torts Applying the law is not easy and often takes time.However, no matter how busy we are, we always make time to help our clients through the most difficult times in their lives. Because we know that and we want them to know we are in trouble.”

It is rewarding for our associates to advocate and achieve justice for our clients during some of the most difficult times in their lives. And when it comes to getting justice for your clients, deciding whether to become a personal injury lawyer can be a life-changing decision for your partner.

Autry Vigmond partner Harrison Cooper remembers the positive impact his decision to become a personal injury attorney had on victims and their families. As a paralegal, Cooper represented a young victim who suffered a life-altering brain injury due to another young person’s careless driving. The defendant was charged with dangerous driving. During the trial, Harrison assisted the victim and her family. He provided information, comfort and support, and also acted as a media spokesperson. He realized that he could make a big difference in the lives of his victims. He added, “At this point, I knew I wanted to become a personal injury lawyer, representing victims injured by negligence and fraud.

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At Oatley Vigmond, customer experience is matched by customer empathy. They genuinely care about the individuals and families they represent and use that to get the best outcome for them.

Assistant Jordan Coffman said big changes are also occurring among the company’s behind-the-scenes workforce. They are also “customer-focused” and are committed to achieving the best results for each customer.

Looking to the future of personal injury law, Autry Vigmond’s award-winning colleagues all want to make major changes to the law to make trials more efficient in terms of time and money. agreed.

Jung emphasized that this helps reduce regression in weak cases. The crisis has worsened in recent years due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Melera Botros, a partner at the company, admits that the illness has directly led to further delays in legal proceedings. She said: “This backlash can be both emotional and financial for clients and requires legal professionals to rethink the way they work and consider how best to move forward.

Fitzgerald Husek cites the introduction of new technology as key to the crisis and future progress. She said: “Before the outbreak, true research was rare, but now the discovery process is more efficient and easier for our customers. No more last-minute cancellations due to weather or traffic delays. will allow you to stay informed from the comfort and familiarity of your home, helping to reduce the stress of a busy day.

Her colleague Erin Murray also wants Congress to restore $2 million in medical disaster and rehabilitation and assistance funds in a no-fault system to help clients in need. “If you lose a limb or have permanent damage, $1 million is not enough in these situations and it will be gone in a few years. Until the situation changes, anyone who can afford it “You can buy a $2 million option,” she said. Insurance options.

These partners not only seek positive changes to improve the future of personal injury law and reduce its current incidence, but also want to remove the stigma behind their profession. The Hollywoodism of personal injury lawyers, combined with deceptive advertising, has given rise to the misconception that everyone in the profession is an “ambulance jack” or is just doing it to make money. created among the people. The customer then thinks about what his injury was.

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“When most Canadians think of personal injury law, they think of whiplash and insurance fraud. They don’t think about the tragedies of brain injury and permanent disability. Most people are surprised when you explain how serious it is,” Murray says.

Victims in tort litigation are often treated with contempt and treated as mere profiteers. However, Irantalab added, “While personal injury cases are aimed at financial compensation for damages to customers, accident victims are interested in seeking justice.” Everyone I’ve ever met who has been in an accident would rather turn back the clock and get paid to what they were before the accident because their life has been completely changed. ” Unfortunately, these accident victims cannot turn back the clock and must seek compensation to rebuild. his life. Even if you can’t work due to an injury, you still have to support yourself and your family.

Some people believe that personal injury attorneys are happy that their clients are injured so they can do their jobs. But nothing could be further from the truth, Coffman said. “As a company, we are deeply involved with various community safety groups and news writers who promote safety behaviors as preventive education materials. Despite these efforts, injuries continue to occur. You need the help of a personal injury lawyer to help you get compensation when you’re down on your luck.

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