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In March 2020, a lot has changed in the world. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has completely disrupted life as we know it. Most countries have had to close their borders, restrict travel and adopt containment measures to combat the pandemic, and India is no exception. On March 25, the country imposed a three-week lockdown to help control the pandemic.

Outsource Software Development India

However, the shutdown has presented the $180 billion IT sector with a unique business continuity challenge. The industry has embraced the “work from home” model as mandated by the government, ensuring it can provide the same quality services to its customers as before the pandemic.

Why Do Businesses Choose Outsourcing Of Software Development?

For years, even before the pandemic, India held a dominant position as a major offshore software development hub. Most western countries have been outsourcing their software development needs to India for years. In fact, according to a recent survey by Deloitte, 59% of companies outsource their software to India and 22% are considering outsourcing to India.

Hence, the IT industry was determined to make the Work from Home model work and continue to serve its customers better. Although the model seemed difficult at first, some top IT leaders quickly realized that the new model was a blessing in disguise. IT companies across India have realized that they can seamlessly transition to a work-from-home (WFH) model without compromising quality or productivity, surprising industry leaders and customers alike.

This was made possible by the industry’s strict adherence to quality processes and the availability of stable communication bandwidth from homes in metropolises and small towns, allowing businesses to operate more economically and efficiently. In fact, some of the larger IT companies are excited about the progress made with the WFH model and hope to make it a more permanent feature after the pandemic.

This shows that India is a hub that is more than capable of meeting your software development needs, regardless of your location or the obstacles that may come your way.

Best Countries For Outsourcing Software Development

If you’re looking for a software outsourcing partner with an in-house talent pool across multiple technologies, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us through our contact page or email us at info@ to speak with our technology experts and get a FREE expert opinion on your projects.

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Offshore Companies: Companies located outside of the same country but within the geographic area of ​​the outsourcing company.

When it comes to software outsourcing, India is the best choice. Here are the top 5 benefits of software development outsourcing in India.

How To Outsource Software Development? Complete Guide For Outsourcing!

Although there are millions of offshore companies around the world, India ranks first for one important reason. The country has a large pool of highly talented IT professionals. The software infrastructure landscape is well developed. In addition, high-speed Internet connection is available throughout the country. Indian IT professionals are proficient in all types of programming languages ​​including Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Kotlin, C#, .NET and Swift. Be it cloud computing, DevOps, artificial intelligence, infrastructure like code or AR/VR, any technological innovation is quickly adapted here. Not surprisingly, the CEOs of several IT giants like Google, Microsoft and IBM hail from India.

Another advantage of India is the time zone. India is 9-12 hours ahead of US time zones, 5-6 hours ahead of UK time zones, 5-6 hours ahead of Australian time zones, etc. This time zone change allows US companies to operate 24/7. While the company operates during the day, the outsourcing company operates at night. With a quick schedule, you can prepare instructions throughout the day and have them ready by the time you get to the office the next morning. When you implement a hybrid approach, where your local IT staff works during the day and an external team works at night, your business is always open 24/7. This advantage means faster time to market and lower development costs.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a software engineer in the US is $119,130 ​​per year. In addition, you must provide cash bonuses, health care and insurance, and other benefits each year. Infrastructure costs, hardware and software installation, maintenance, software licensing, etc. add to the burden. In addition, you must train and manage employees according to the work rules

On the other hand, according to Glassdoor, the average salary for a software engineer in India is $10,810. When you outsource software projects to India, you don’t have to go through a tedious hiring process that includes huge salaries, health care and insurance, paid vacation and medical leave, etc. You just pay the agreed amount. You don’t have to compromise on quality while getting your work done at a lower cost.

Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Software Development

One of the biggest challenges for businesses when outsourcing projects is language. A common language is a prerequisite for seamless coordination and communication between teams. In India, most software developers are fluent in English and regularly use a variety of communication tools to interact with internal staff and geographically dispersed teams.

The Government of India recognizes the software industry as one of the most important verticals. The government passed the IT Acts 2000 which allowed several start-ups to launch their projects and move forward successfully. The government is constantly improving its IT policy and developing strategies to strengthen the IT sector in the country. ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ are a few initiatives that are strengthening India’s IT infrastructure. Tax breaks, incentives, electronic filing and other government support measures have greatly supported the industry. Thus, in the first half of 2020, the revenue of the software market was 4 billion dollars. Gartner reports that the Indian IT market is expected to reach $16.9 billion by 2025. This means that your software projects are developed in the best possible environment.

Software technology is rapidly innovating. As a result, the business cannot learn and adapt to rapidly changing trends. The best way is to outsource your software projects to India. Not only do you receive quality applications on time, but you also save a lot of money. Most importantly, you can sit back and relax, helping you focus on integrating quality into your core operations.

Provides scalable software solutions that enable organizations to securely innovate business processes, improve productivity, increase revenue and expand into new markets by optimizing core resources.

Best Software Outsourcing Companies In 2023

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If a company is short on extra time or resources, outsourcing software development is a great way to stay productive.

Software development outsourcing means delegating projects to other software development companies. This could be an external agency, freelancer or third party company.

Even the best software development company is sometimes overwhelmed. Compared to in-house software development, outsourcing can save you a lot of time, human resources, and brainstorming opportunity costs.

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