Netapp Software Bundles

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Netapp Software Bundles – One of the most popular storage operating systems in the world. It combines extreme flexibility, resilience and security in a simplified management experience that has been battle-tested for over 20 years in some of the most challenging enterprise environments.

Caches actively read databases across clusters and remote sites. This accelerates read performance for hot data sets by increasing throughput and increasing speed across multiple locations.

Netapp Software Bundles

Instantly create files, LUNs, and volume clones without requiring additional storage. This will save you time for tasks like testing and development and increase your effective storage capacity at the same time.

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Data-at-rest encryption that allows you to protect data seamlessly and efficiently, WITHOUT the need for additional special encryption disks

Provides host-based data management of NetApp storage and business databases and applications, providing application-specific backup and clone management. This can automate error-free data recovery.

A key ONTAP feature that provides remote backup/recovery and disaster recovery by including asynchronous snapshots that are mirrored off-site. Intuitively maintain storage efficiency savings during and after data migration.

It enables you to achieve zero data loss (RPO = 0) by providing granular, volume granular and synchronous data replication. Like its asynchronous sibling, it maintains storage efficiency savings during and after data transfer.

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It combines flexible array-based clustering with more granular synchronous mirroring to provide continuous availability and ZERO data loss for SAN workloads.

It offers robust built-in features that detect ransomware activity, prevent spread, and enable rapid recovery. This includes automatically capturing snapshots and alerting administrators when unusual files are found.

Provides WORM file-level locking, preventing file modifications and deletions. This can support compliance with the organization’s data retention regulations and policies. Additionally, you can air-isolate Snapshot copies for improved protection against ransomware and rapid recovery from attacks.

Provides flexibility and efficiency when replicating data in parallel with cloud object stores (either in public or private clouds such as StorageGRID) to support remote backup/recovery, disaster recovery, and data distribution.

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This is provided as a convenient and useful tool for providing additional information and is not intended to be exhaustive. Features and integrations may vary by NetApp. The software package attached to each individual system may vary. If you have any questions, we are happy to independently review each offer with you. Just asking!

The next generation FAS9500 and A900 include data protection packages (along with basic and encryption packages) as standard. There is no need to add a data protection package when ordering the system. In this NetApp tutorial, you will learn about ONTAP licenses. I’ll explain how licenses work, the different types of licenses available, and show you how to configure them in the System Manager GUI and on the command line. Scroll down for a video as well as a text tutorial.

I have designed solutions, installed, maintained and managed migrations and upgrades of legacy NetApp 7 systems for 12 years, but had little experience with clustered ONTAP until I found your course.

It took me 3 weeks to complete the course due to the fun of doing it from home in between other things to do around the house.

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This course helped me gain the knowledge I needed to progress and I am very pleased with the confidence I gained as part of this course.

On the slide here, you can see the different licenses that come with the system and other licenses that you need to get separately. With the current version of ONTAP and the current controller model, you will see all of these features and software at the top included in the ONTAP software.

You don’t have to read them separately, so I won’t bore you with reading them all. Instead, you can see it for yourself.

Then in the middle here, there are some packages that are licenses that you have to buy separately. If you’re using the AFF system, it’s called Bundle Flash. If you use the FAS system, this is called the Premium Bundle.

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So you buy this package as a bundle and then it gives you licenses for SnapRestore, SnapMirror, FlexClone, SnapCenter and SnapManager.

Finally, there are other features that you need to enable separately. They are listed below. Again, I won’t bore you with reading the entire list of everything. You can see this for yourself.

Where you can find it on the NetApp website, let me show you. I would just go to the NetApp website to find the current information, go to Products and then select AFF or FAS here.

I’ll go to the AFF page and then when it opens I’ll click on Software. Then scroll down some more and you’re done. This is a software feature. That’s what I showed you on the slide.

Netapp Integrated Evo:rail

There are three types of licenses available. First, there is a standard license, also known as a node-locked license. When we talk about licensing in general, we’ll use standard licenses. This is the most commonly used. Other types available are site license and evaluation license.

Let’s talk about the difference between them. So the first one is the standard license. As I said, it is also known as node blocking permission. It’s called a node-locking license because you need a license for each node in the cluster, and the license is tied to the node’s serial number.

So when you get this feature, when you buy a license, you have to tell NetApp what the serial number is, and they’ll generate you a license, tied to that serial number. It just prevents people from using permissions on other systems that aren’t intended for them.

If a node leaves the cluster, it takes the license with it because it is tied to a specific serial number. This feature is available as long as at least one node in the cluster has permission.

Netapp Fas8700 Single Chassis Ha Pair, Fc Bundle Filer Head (fas8700a

For example, suppose you are going to enable SnapMirror and there are eight nodes in your cluster. Well, once you enable it for any node in that cluster, the feature will be available in the cluster.

So that will work, but to stay valid, to stay compliant, you have to allow this for every node in the cluster, not just one. So it works once you authorize one, but you have to authorize all nodes in the cluster.

The next license type is site. This is related to the cluster rather than the node serial number. This functionality is available to all nodes in the cluster, so your authorization is cluster-wide. If a node leaves the group, it will not take the site permission with it, as this is a browser-level permission that is not commonly used.

The last type of license is the evaluation license, which has a very self-explanatory name. This happens if you evaluate a particular feature before buying it. So it’s a demo license, and it expires after a certain period of time.

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Like the site license, this is also tied to the browser’s serial number rather than a specific node. This feature is available to all nodes in the cluster. If a node leaves the cluster, it does not take the license with it.

So these are three types. Normally you will use a standard node locking license. Let’s see how to set up licenses in the lab. I’ll show you the command line first. I’ll open PuTTy and go to the cluster management directory on Cluster 1.

I’m logging in as admin and my password when prompted is 1. The root directory for licensing is easy to call

. That takes me to the system permissions directory. I’ll press the question mark to see the available instructions and we’ll continue.

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, add permission. So let’s do this, I have Notepad open here. I’m working on a simulator, it has a simulator permission list. I’m working on VMware Workstation, not ESXi. So this is important when working with the simulator, don’t use this license here for ESX builds because ESX builds use different serial numbers.

It doesn’t work when you run the simulator in VMware Workstation. So I’m going to drill down a bit further to the non-ESX version and I’ll just select the license here. Choose NFS. I’ll highlight it and copy it, then back to PuTTy. Add and right click to apply the license, press enter and it tells me that the license for the NFS folder has been applied successfully.

To see my license There, I can see that I have the basic browser permission, which is also added by default now. I also have the NFS license for this serial number.

So now if I try to configure NFS on my cluster it will

Netapp Fas2000 Series

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