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Truck Wreck Lawyer Dallas – Large commercial trucks carrying dangerous goods can spell disaster for anyone on the road. If the trailer truck is not secure, a simple bump will cause the load to fall off and fall onto the road or hit any vehicles behind the truck. This can lead to a terrible accident, serious injury or even death. life

If you have been injured in an accident involving an unsecured load on an 18-wheeler, now is the time to act. Contact an experienced truck accident attorney to learn more about your legal options.

Truck Wreck Lawyer Dallas

Government has clear regulations for loading, stacking, balancing and fixing of goods Trade. However, truck drivers and trucking companies often fail to adequately insure their cargo due to carelessness or negligence, resulting in serious injuries. Here are some common causes of insecure boot crashes.

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When a truck is traveling on a highway or expressway, serious injury and great loss can occur if the load is not secured and falls off the truck.

When a truck accident occurs due to improper loading of goods or a collision, many parties can be held liable for damages under the law, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the trucking company, and the carrier. For example, if the driver does not properly inspect the insured goods on the truck, he will be liable for his negligence. However, shipping companies or truckers may be held liable if they do not follow loading procedures and requirements. However, if the equipment used to secure the load is defective, the manufacturer of the equipment may be liable for damages related to the accident.

If trucking companies do not perform proper maintenance or properly train truck drivers to inspect cargo, they can be held liable for damages caused by dangerous cargo.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in the Farmers Branch, Carrollton or Dallas-Fort Worth area, our skilled and dedicated truck accident lawyers are ready to help right away. Contact us today online or call (469) 466-2600 (Dallas) / (817) 605-1505 (Fort Worth) to schedule your free consultation today.

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Fill out this short form and we will call you as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation. You don’t have to suffer anymore. Contact us today! It can be a potentially dangerous tool if the driver loses control of the truck on the highway. In fact, truck accidents lead to major accidents and fatalities. A Dallas truck accident attorney, and especially an 18-wheeler Dallas truck accident attorney, can help you fight for the compensation you receive after a truck accident.

As a leading personal injury law firm serving clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, we take a highly individualized approach to every trucking case. No two cases are the same, no two clients are the same, and there is no “one size fits all” solution to the complex reality patterns of truck accident cases.

Although large truck drivers generally have good insurance, don’t try to negotiate with the insurance company yourself. Let our Dallas truck accident attorneys handle the negotiations. A Dallas 18 wheeler accident attorney can increase your settlement value to an amount that exceeds your representation and legal fees.

Truck accidents are common, with over 24,000 truck accidents occurring. In Texas only in the legal year. That’s why you need a Dallas big rig accident attorney to handle your truck accident claim in DFW. There are many types of truck accidents, some of which only involve trucks and not other types of vehicles. Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

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Truck accidents can be caused by speeding, inadequate training, overloading, improper truck maintenance, and many other factors. There are also accidents related to specific trucks like cement trucks, trucks, lorries, vans, dump trucks, tankers, trailers, etc. An experienced Dallas 18 wheeler accident attorney should know how to handle cases and determine liability.

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The human body is soft and fragile, full of unstable systems that must function properly to keep us alive, and therefore cannot be compared to an 80,000-pound speeding truck. There are many types of serious injuries for which victims can receive compensation. Some of the most common truck accident injuries include:

Unfortunately, another common “injury” is death, in which a wrongful death judgment will allow you to obtain full and fair compensation from the party responsible.

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Potentially responsible parties may include truck drivers, trucking companies, insurance companies, truck manufacturers, and other parties. A Dallas truck accident attorney can help you get all the compensation you deserve.

As previously mentioned, the truck driver is not the only potential defendant in a truck accident. Possible defendants include:

A Dallas truck accident law firm can help you find a defendant who can pay your claim.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced Dallas car accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve after an accident.

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After graduating from St. Mary’s University Law School in 2007, Halina worked at the Richard Wright Law Firm before deciding to open the Racenko Law Firm. He has devoted his career to the practice of personal injury and has extensive trial experience representing victims of all types of accidents: car accidents, traffic accidents, traffic accidents, truck accidents and municipal trials. Halina is currently an attorney at Hach & Rose, PLLC, President of the New York State Litigation Association.

We can hardly list all the reasons why we are the right choice for you after a serious accident. Some of our most popular features include:

Ironically, the better your lawyer wins in court, the more willing the other side is to settle out of court.

A male customer had a bus accident while walking on the construction site. The motorcycle ran over his legs, causing injuries. Therefore, the client had to undergo an operation to put the device on his leg. He had two knee surgeries and a leg brace removed. We received a payment of $925,000.00

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The client was injured in a car accident. Liability in this case is difficult because both our client and the defendant said they had a green light at the intersection. There are no witnesses or cameras to prove who actually gave the green light. He injured his back and had to undergo two back surgeries. We received a payment of $835,000.00

Plaintiff was involved in a car accident and sustained a herniated and herniated disc. She completed physical therapy and chiropractic care for over a year. This is a very difficult case in New York State because you must prove that the injured party suffered a “serious injury” under New York’s statute of limitations. We obtained a $300,000.00 judgment in this case.

I can’t speak highly enough of Brooks and Radchenko. They explained everything to me clearly and simply and were ready to help whenever I needed it. Finally, I got the result I was looking for. If you need a car accident attorney in Dallas, Texas, I can’t think of a better choice.

My brother was in a car accident by a drunk driver with no insurance and no financing. Brooks & Radchenko filed a lawsuit against a nightclub that sold alcohol to drivers, resulting in a large settlement. If you are looking for a car accident attorney in Dallas, Texas, look no further than Brooks & Radchenko.

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The attorneys at Brooks & Radchenko are always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. Last time I was in the hospital and they took care of everything for me. I talk to them too much. My husband died in a car accident caused by a delivery driver. They sued the driver’s employer and I ended up walking away with a generous payout. All this happened in just a few weeks. Their compassion and professionalism made me feel like part of their family during a very difficult time.

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