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Oil Field Accident Lawyer – Oil and gas is big business in Houston and the rest of Texas. With several companies employing tens of thousands of workers in the industry, many people in the state eke out a living working in oil refineries and other facilities.

Working in the oil and gas industry is dangerous. However, when companies implement appropriate procedures, the risk of serious injury and death should be reduced. Unfortunately, corporations often put their own profits before the safety of their employees.

Oil Field Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured at a plant or other chemical plant, or if you have lost a loved one at one of these facilities, contact Patrick Daniel Lowe today at (713) 999-6666. Our team serves clients in the greater Houston area, across Texas, and across the country.

Texas Oil Rig Accident Attorneys

There are 10 major refineries in the Houston metro area. According to the Greater Houston Partnership, these refineries are responsible for refining more than 45 percent of the oil produced in Texas. Refineries in other areas of Texas, including Port Arthur, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Baytown and Beaumont, are responsible for more than a quarter of all oil production in the United States.

This means that tens of thousands of workers are employed in oil refineries in our country. The Houston Chronicle reported that in 2020, there were approximately 150,000 workers in the Texas oil and gas industry.

Factories play an important role in the economy of Houston and all of Texas. Finally, it is important that workers in the oil and gas industry know their rights if they are injured in a workplace accident or explosion.

Working with hazardous chemicals brings several dangers. Lightning, explosions, and exposure to toxic materials are just some of the hazards that threaten the health and safety of workers.

New Mexico Oilfield Accident Lawyers

Another major cause of accidents in factories and processing plants is careless supervision of workers. Oil and gas companies must ensure that employees follow federal safety regulations that govern their work. If supervisors and managers do not do their jobs, serious and even fatal accidents can occur.

Inadequate training of personnel can lead to accidents in oil refineries. Ultimately, businesses are responsible for ensuring that employees follow workplace safety standards and know how to safely operate heavy machinery and hazardous materials. Trouble often occurs when companies stop training their employees.

Accidents involving hazardous chemicals in factories and oil refineries can cause serious, life-changing injuries. They include:

Unfortunately, in some cases workers die from injuries in oil refineries and chemical plants, and catastrophic events such as explosions and fires often result in many deaths. These disasters also pose long-term risks, as exposure can cause serious respiratory illnesses, cancer and other serious illnesses due to the release of toxic chemicals.

What To Do After An Oil Rig Accident

Explosions and fires in factories and petrochemical plants can be devastating not only to workers but also to surrounding communities. Houses were damaged and entire areas around a plant or factory were evacuated due to explosions and fires.

Workers in the oil and gas industry come into contact with many hazardous chemicals and other materials on a daily basis. Improper use of these materials poses a risk of serious physical injury. However, the potential harm caused by petrochemicals is not limited to traumatic events such as fires, explosions, and smoke inhalation.

If your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you may be entitled to benefits that include medical expenses and wages if an occupational disease limits your ability to work. However, if workers’ compensation is not available, you must prove that your employer and/or third party did not intend to expose you to hazardous substances on the job.

The Texas refinery attorneys at Patrick Daniel Law can determine whether the plant’s safety procedures, employee training, and equipment were negligent in one or more parties’ duty to protect workers like you from exposure to toxic substances. Factory lawyers will fully explore your legal options for compensation.

Oilfield Injury Lawyer

After being injured on the job in a factory or factory, you may think that workers’ compensation is your only option. However, this may not be your only recovery option.

If the accident was the result of gross negligence on the part of the company, you and your family can sue for damages. Other parties may also be responsible, including:

Big oil and gas companies will always try to limit the situation when a disaster occurs. By contacting an experienced factory explosion attorney, you increase your chances of receiving compensation from the responsible party or parties.

If you have been injured in a factory accident or explosion, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Surviving family members may receive benefits if an oil worker is killed on the job.

What To Do After An Oil Rig Accident: 6 Key Steps

Most states require a minimum amount of workers’ compensation from most employers operating in their state. However, Texas does not require private employers to pay workers’ compensation.

Employers who enroll in workers’ compensation insurance provide workers with the following benefits in the event of injury or death:

Of course, workers’ compensation only covers a portion of the damages you and your loved ones suffer as a result of a factory accident. However, the benefit of a workers’ compensation claim is that you do not have to prove that your employer or another party was negligent. As a result, workers in the oil and gas industry receive compensation for occupational injuries and illnesses more quickly.

However, if your employer does not participate in a workers’ compensation insurance program, you may be able to file a claim for damages. Your employer and other negligent third parties may be held liable for industrial accidents, explosions, toxic exposures, and other harmful incidents.

Mcalester Oil Field Accident Lawyer

The oil industry is notorious for constantly misrepresenting employees. While you may be a good employee by all accounts, on paper the company is known as an independent contractor.

In addition to deceiving workers about benefits, overtime pay, and more, misinformation can cause problems for workers who are injured or sick on the job. Employers do not have to pay workers compensation for independent contractors. So even if your employer is insured, you may lose benefits if the company doesn’t list you as a contractor.

At Patrick Daniel Lowe, we handle not only your plant accident injuries, but the nature of your case as well. Our team will receive records from your employer to determine your classification. If there is evidence of misrepresentation, our attorneys can seek damages and other compensation on your behalf.

In addition to Houston and other Texas oil centers, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico contain a significant portion of the oil industry. Offshore oil platforms in Texas and other southeastern states carry, process, and store large quantities of oil and gas.

Charles R. Lipcon Handled The Ocean Ranger Accident Civil Suit, The Sinking Of The Largest Submersible In The World At That Time

Working on an offshore oil platform is dangerous. If you are injured or become ill, your path to compensation may not be through the state workers’ compensation program, but through a federal law called the Jones Act.

The Jones Act provides for the “care and treatment” of seamen injured or ill at sea. However, getting fair compensation for damage to an oil rig or other vessel is not always easy.

Patrick Daniel Lowe has extensive experience in marine injury. Our knowledge of maritime law and occupational accidents in the oil and gas industry gives us a deeper understanding of these complex situations.

The losses that usually occur in explosions, fires and other accidents in factories and processing plants are often very high considering the number of victims and the severity and severity of the injuries. For good reason: the worst oil and gas disasters have seriously injured hundreds and killed many.

Houston Oil Rig Explosion Lawyers

The amount of compensation you receive in your claim will depend on your personal losses. In general, you can recover damages:

In Patrick Daniel Lowe, he is strategic about all things. We carefully craft your claim based on the evidence and your injuries. Then we will ruthlessly get the compensation you get from all the criminals.

Fatalities from oil and gas rig accidents are a common tragic occurrence. If you lose a loved one in a factory or refinery fire, explosion, or other accident, our attorneys can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of your family.

Compensation for a wrongful death claim will depend on the loss you and your family have suffered. In general, you can claim compensation for:

Injured Oil Worker ‘lived In Hell For 2½ Years’

Losing a loved one is emotional. It will also put your family in a difficult financial position. If your loved one works

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