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Prompter People Software – For all monitor-based systems, Prompter People has TeleScroll or Flip-Q Pro for Mac or PC. TeleScroll is compatible with PC operating system versions from XP to Windows 10, Windows 11 and all Intel and Apple Silicon based Macs. Flip-Q Pro is compatible with older Intel-based Macs. All ProLine Plus, Flex Plus, UltraFlex Plus, Prompter Pal, Stage Pro, Q-Pro, Robo and Robo Jr monitor systems include a USB flash drive and a downloadable version of TeleScroll. TeleScroll has a resizable prompt window and includes free monitor-based remote desktop prompts and is available by download only. Legacy Flip-Q and Mac-Q are compatible with most legacy 32-bit and 64-bit Max OSX, including most versions of Catalina (depending on the age of the hardware, software update fixes work with most modern hardware). date OSX) or earlier. Legacy Flip-Q works with Mac 32-bit OSX Mojave and earlier. TeleScroll Mac runs on 32-bit and 64-bit OSX Big Sur, Monterey Intel Chip, and Apple Silicon Chip Mac and newer. TeleScroll and Flip-Q Pro can be used with our wide range of scroll controllers, from wired and wireless handhelds to foot pedal controls. You can download a free demo of TeleScroll or Flip-Q below.

Our iPad notifications use our full-featured iCue app and have Bluetooth keyboard control. iCue is available on the Apple App Store.

Prompter People Software

For advanced studio applications, we also offer a MOS-compatible NewsRoom application for the most demanding users. For more information, please contact our sales representative at Support@.

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TVPROMPT-PRO provides on-screen information so you can always control the timing of your call. Counters on the control screen and prompt display calculate the time remaining in the track, showing the duration and current speed. One column shows the recommended speed according to the desired schedule; there are also timers that show the time elapsed from the start of the playback and the time left until the end of the song… This is an effective system that will always help you reliably and safely.

Our advanced system offers many enhancements, such as watched RSS feeds, so you can easily view and manage the most popular titles from your favorite sources using the bar at the bottom of the app. The system also offers configuration and storage of desired RSS feeds, screen speed, and other user-addressable features.

Connecting with people in a hurry has never been easier. Our helpful staff will be happy to answer your questions. Fix your problems. Let us help you with your Prompter People product needs. There are three ways to contact us. Live chat. Support ticket. Or just pick up the phone. We are here for you.

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Isabella Curiel

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