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Accident Lawyer Fresno – Cases and lawsuits involving personal injury accidents in and around Fresno affect residents every day. Under California law, if you have been injured as a result of another person’s negligence or carelessness, you have the right to file a personal injury claim or legal action against that person or entity.

Just as each person is unique, so are the nature and extent of trauma they experience. Many different factors are involved in personal injury cases that affect their outcome. The best way to deal with a particular type of personal injury depends on the specifics and circumstances surrounding it.

Accident Lawyer Fresno

If your accident occurred in or near Fresno, you need a Fresno attorney with extensive experience successfully representing clients who have suffered serious injuries.

Top 10 Best Car Accident Lawyer In Fresno, Ca

After an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do first. An experienced Fresno personal injury attorney at Maison Law can help you determine your next course of action. Whether you need to seek treatment, collect documents or assess whether you should proceed with an accident case with legal support, we can help.

We are proud to offer free personal injury consultations to Fresno residents. There is no obligation to use our services. We’re excited to help our community by providing extra support when you need it most.

Many of our clients hire our Fresno personal injury attorneys to represent them after they have been involved in a car accident. Here are some of the types of car accidents we typically represent:

However, not all injury accidents in Fresno involve vehicles. We also have extensive experience in protecting victims in the following traffic accidents:

Hurt After A Car Accident On Parlier And Englehart Avenues

If you are fully informed about what happened to you and your risk assessment, your risk lawyer will have a better idea of ​​what support you should expect. This will also determine the amount that your attorney will seek in the accident case.

In general, the amount of financial support you receive depends on several factors in your case. These are just some of the factors that can arise.

You may be driving down Highway 99 when a reckless driver crashes into the back of your car. You can be grocery shopping when you take a pain pill and fall over the counter in the produce section. Here are some typical examples of injury accidents in Fresno.

They can happen anywhere in Fresno, but your experience should be very similar. First, assess your risks and, if possible, collect evidence from the scene. This valuable evidence of the place will never be found again. This evidence can be very important when filing a claim for financial assistance in connection with an accident.

Fresno Dui Attorney

Don’t be surprised if someone from the opposing insurance company contacts you shortly after the accident “just to get to know you.” Don’t believe a word. In the next call, you will be asked to provide a recorded statement “for payment of debt only”.

The purpose of this call and request is to use your words against you in the future to attack your credibility. California law does not require you to file any type of insurance without an attorney on your behalf. I humbly decline to make any statements. Next, call us to schedule a free consultation and case review.

“Cleaning is great. The entire team was very attentive to my questions and concerns. They even went out of their way to find me a doctor because I couldn’t walk. A long way to the meeting. I was confused about what came next .. after my accident, but the team at Maison Law made me feel at ease, they are here to serve you.”

In January I got winged and dealt with an unresponsive and horrible insurance person who basically forced me to accept 1k just to close my claim early. Luckily I found Martin and Mason, ‘Lo, who really put me at ease, took care of my car, rented it, looked after it and gave me a GREAT place to stay for Christmas.

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“Martin Gasparyan and the entire Maison Law team were by my side when I had an accident. They held my hand every step of the way and took care of my every need. They listened to all my concerns and put me at ease..I would recommend Maison Law to friends and family.

There is no set time frame for when a victim’s claim will be settled or go to court. In California, you generally have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim.

After your accident claim is settled, the rest of the time depends on the severity of your injuries, the insurance company’s willingness to offer you a fair settlement, and whether your attorney is willing to take the risk of how hard you defend your case.

The amount of compensation that an injured person receives usually depends on the damage caused. Some of the damages covered under California state law include medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability or impairment, pain and suffering, and diminished enjoyment of life.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Some situations can be resolved quickly. Some may take more than two years to complete. Even a phone call to the courthouse can disrupt the process.

One thing that is certain in cases of serious accidents is the fact that such cases can be very difficult for the injured person to cope with on their own. An experienced and effective Fresno personal injury attorney may be necessary to obtain a fair and reasonable conclusion.

You can still get the compensation you need after an accident, even if you have to take responsibility for what happened. Under the California theory of “comparative negligence,” responsibility for an accident can be shared between two or more parties.

Maybe you were looking at your cell phone when you fell on the grocery store floor and hurt your back. Or maybe you were going too fast when the driver stopped in front of you. You had a broken leg from the impact.

Fatal Car Accident Lawyer Fresno

In any case, you may be held responsible. Someone else has to take the blame too, maybe more than you.

For example, let’s say you are assigned 25% risk responsibility. You may still be able to get compensation to help you pay for sick leave. However, 25% of your debt will be deducted from the total.

Even if you believe you were somehow at fault for the accident, never admit fault until your Fresno personal injury attorney investigates what happened. Your lawyer will make sure that you are not guilty if you are not guilty. If you are partially at fault, your attorney will work hard to keep your percentage of responsibility as low as possible.

There is nothing more painful than losing a loved one in a terrible accident. It is very difficult if the accident could have been easily prevented.

Injuries In Car Accidents

If someone’s negligence caused the death of a family member, you can act on behalf of your next of kin by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This civil case holds the at-fault party’s insurance company responsible for all emergency response costs on the day of the accident. The lawsuit will also seek full payment of the victim’s funeral expenses.

Families must also protect their future by asking for help to replace the financial support that the deceased can no longer provide through work. As for the future, the family should receive more support in dealing with the loss of custody and care that they will no longer be able to provide for their loved ones in the years to come.

A lawsuit for the death of the victim can be filed by the victim’s wife or children. A Fresno wrongful death attorney can also file this case on behalf of all immediate family members. An experienced accident attorney investigates the circumstances of the accident to ensure that all parties involved are at fault. The attorney will go up against the insurance companies to get as much support as possible while harassing the family as much as possible to buy them time.

Typically, plaintiffs settle accident cases outside of Fresno court. While there is still the option of going to court, many people prefer the convenience of settling claims through insurance companies. A good Fresno personal injury attorney can help victims understand the possibility of going to trial in their case.

Fresno Accidents And Hit And Run

Most Fresno personal injury lawyers work in emergency situations. This means you don’t have to pay lawyers if you don’t win the case. Although each law firm has a different fee structure, Fresno attorneys charge approximately 33.3 percent for their services.

After an accident in Fresno caused by someone else, you are entitled to compensation for any damages you have caused. These may include medical bills,

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