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Vxrail Software Download – NIM Tool = Node Image Management Tool The content provides a step-by-step guide to using the VkRail NIM (Node Image Management) tool to re-display VkRail nodes with supported code […]

The content provides a step-by-step guide to using the VkRail Node Image Management (NIM) tool to re-image VkRail nodes with a supported code version. Please note that this post is for example only; Refer to the SolVe online procedures for supported instructions as they vary depending on the VkRail model and software version used. NIM is supported on 14G, 15G and 16G platforms.

Vxrail Software Download

. An executable NIM client that starts from Windows and runs the entire process specifying all the required parameters. This example here uses Windows 2019, see the SolVe solution guide for a list of supported Windows versions. A Windows computer running the NIM client requires communication with the VkRail host’s iDRAC connection. The NIM ISO is a bootable image that contains all the payload required for a VkRail node image (firmware, driver, operating system image, OVA device, and node capture tool scripts). The ISO must be located in an SMB or NFS file sharing directory (the default location in this example). Also note that the minimum iDRAC version supported by the node recorder is

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Start by downloading the NIM tool from the VkRail support page. This example shows a reimage of four VkRail E560F nodes to code version 8.0.110:

When you open the ‘nim_release’ folder, you’ll find the 8.0.110 ISO and another ZIP to extract:

Unpacking the contents of the nim_release directory reveals the NIM client tool and associated configuration files, etc.:

Enter the iDRAC IP address range for the hosts to be displayed and select No for the VkRail Manager network setting:

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The NIM client will generate a log folder where you can find related log files and debug as needed:

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