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Odc Software – What is ODC (Offshore Software Development Center), advantages, models and how to set up an offshore software development center in Vietnam

Outsourcing is a great software development strategy, especially when it comes to reducing costs. When we talk about Offshoring, we cannot help but mention the Offshore Development Center, which is a type of outsourcing model that involves putting together an offsite team to work on a software development project. Additionally, most projects will not require the kind of dedicated resources that a development team based in another country would. Therefore, ODC is a common practice in large organizations. So what is ODC? In this article, AHT Tech will give you a complete overview of ODC. Come explore with us now!

Odc Software

ODC (also known as an offshore development center) consists of a development team with infrastructure and office staff, including administrative and support staff to complete the development process. The project manager (PM) is responsible for supervising the offshore development centre. In terms of infrastructure, working with an overseas software development center can help you save up to 60% of the cost of implementing a software development project. Simply put, when it comes to software development projects, ODC is a safe and perfect place. Because it comes with specialized methods and adapts to the needs of any project.

The Best Offshore Development Center

Typically, ODC is considered a peripheral extension of the organization. Because the composition of the team and the installation of the infrastructure are tailored to the customer’s needs and methods.

Furthermore, the main goal of offshore development centers is to offer scalable technological resources to avoid unnecessary costs. Typically, the client company has direct oversight of the offshore development center services through the project manager, who communicates with the team members responsible for the implementation.

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First, the Contractor ODC model is particularly suited to the needs of small businesses. In this strategy, the head office conveys the exact requirements or needs of the offshore development centre. And the contractor on the other side will choose the right team according to their needs. The selected team will therefore be responsible for a range of responsibilities, from managerial to technical. Specifically, they have to design systems, update software, create new code, etc.

What Is An Offshore Development Center (odc)? And How To Set It Up Effectively?

Coming to the second part called Customer ODC Model. This model is widely used by large companies because they are large enough to handle a large number of jobs. With this strategy, depending on the needs of the customers or the head office, they will choose the right team. But in this case, the customer will be responsible for more tasks than someone who chooses the Entrepreneur’s OCD model. For more detail, this can include everything from product research to analytics to team management, with the OCD team primarily focusing on coding.

This model is effective for those who require the highest level of security. For example, people who have their own agenda and therefore require strict security.

Classic ODC software is another name for the Contractor model, where a dedicated team of qualified and certified people work together under the direction of a project manager. In addition, this offshore development center model is useful for projects that require a lot of responsibility. Especially by updating and extending older software, providing support, migrating platforms or writing code.

If you are looking for an ODC model that allows you to participate and control the entire software development process, this is the option to choose.

Ui Overview Of Odc Portal And Odc Studio

As mentioned earlier, the full form of ODC is also referred to as the private ODC or customer ODC model.

For any project, you need to hire project managers, recruiters and office staff, as well as developers, engineers, QA testers, UI/UI designers and more, UX and other experts. Therefore, you have to consider whether it is worth it, especially in terms of cost. Therefore, hiring an affordable foreign software development center in Vietnam like ArrowHiTech will definitely help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Because development centers abroad are places where people can work remotely. As a result, developing effective communication between the client organization and the offshore workforce can be problematic if not properly managed. So you will also need a motivated project manager who knows how to manage external teams.

On the other hand, using ODC allows good communication between team members because they all work in the same place. ArrowHiTech supports effective communication for successful projects by bringing together programmers who speak English as a common language.

Offshore Development Center: What Is An Odc?

No matter how well the client organization’s systems are replicated in the offshore development center, differences in cultural values ​​and business models will always be evident when working with foreigners. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong, but people in different places approach business in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to strive to create an integrated system that preserves the identity of the project while adapting to the unique aspects of the activity at that location.

If you are planning to open a branch of your company in another country, you need to check the legal landscape and see if that country’s business regulations are favorable for your company.

For many companies, one of the most important aspects of offshore development center services is how to keep information secure despite distance. Because there is a possibility that sensitive information may be disclosed. So to reduce this danger, it is important to incorporate cyber security into the architecture of your offshore software development center. Additionally, remember that storing all your belongings in one place doesn’t actually protect you from all security threats. It is important to perform a security risk assessment in advance and take steps to address the specific security issues your offshore development center is facing.

More importantly, carefully consider your ODC position if you want to save money and increase sales. Additionally, you should avoid visiting small towns that have no experts in your field and have limited potential.

Offshore Development Center Service

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In this phase of the project, you as the client must establish a list of expectations and needs to carry out the project. The customer’s IT infrastructure must be replicated exactly by an offshore software development center. Therefore, replication of the client’s standards, techniques and overall culture must be part of the knowledge transformation process. In particular, it is only possible to establish an ODC through a formal commercial agreement.

To avoid accidental disclosure of confidential and project-specific information in general, an integrated security component is also required. Therefore, you should create a hierarchy to deal with concerns and obstacles at work. In addition, each member must know how and to whom to report any problems that arise so that they can be resolved quickly.

As mentioned above, offshore development center services include features that make them feel more like an extension of the company rather than a separate entity. As a result, the structure often mirrors that of the client company. However, some key operators cannot be missing. Regardless of the project, there must be a project manager responsible for the entire project life cycle, from planning to implementation. The project manager also acts as a bridge between the organization and the members of the offshore development center, making them critical to the project’s success.

What Is Odc — Offshore Software Development Center

As soon as you assign a project manager and an account manager to handle the administrative aspects of the project. You will then need to recruit other positions including: developers, designers, software engineers and technical writers. One advantage of having an ODC in particular is that it allows you to quickly scale up or down your team depending on the current needs of the project.

At this stage, the above expectations are broken down into measurable goals based on specific measurements. Furthermore, to minimize confusion during project execution, deliverables must be communicated to team members and assigned specific tasks. On the other hand, you also need to give each member of your team some time to adjust to the new environment. Next, you need to decide the timeframe for the project and how you will monitor and report progress. This can mainly be done by giving written reports, holding independent meetings etc. Before starting the project, make sure that all these aspects are completed.

If you’re looking for a place with lots of ODCs at a reasonable price, consider Vietnam. Because the market is still quite new and many companies consider Vietnam as a destination for software development outsourcing activities in the present and future. With operating costs 30-50% lower than India and China, Vietnam is the best choice for you.

When it comes to offshore outsourcing or ODC, India

Offshore Software Development Center — Beneficial Outsourcing Method

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