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Mfg Software – The best project in the world will fail if it is not implemented correctly and reliably. SEER for Equipment evaluates and analyzes product options, SEER for Manufacturing (SEER MFG) focuses on manufacturing designs and process selection and can be used to design any manufacturing process.

Project Estimator software is an essential component of the entire design process. Enable organizations to optimize design and manufacturing costs by providing realistic and manageable cost estimates for manufacturing, labor, materials, equipment, installation and operations.

Mfg Software

Cost management software is a key element of our project solutions, SEER MFG is used by third party manufacturers to develop “necessary cost” recommendations, as well as by project managers who need to reduce procurement planning time and cost errors and quickly identify them. . The best way is not to offer it at all.

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All SEER software solutions are based on the same principles, which include:

Backend interface for identifying and identifying projects. Users can create a new project based on an existing project “template” or by adding and defining workflows. A series of pop-ups and annotations introduce users to the scope, complexity, and technology descriptions of the project.

GET Basic Knowledge acts as the “house expert” and provides unique design specifications, values, ranges and calibrations based on time and research. Allow users to develop cross-validation estimates when very little information is known, and refine those estimates when data is available.

A variety of charts, graphs, and reports to quickly summarize and present project results and other methods and work decisions.

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The open architecture and API make SEER applications easy to integrate with departmental productivity solutions and enterprise applications.

SEER MFG (formerly SEER-DFM) is designed to enable simultaneous and experienced users in the fields of management, finance, engineering, design and manufacturing to evaluate business processes and factors affecting business, such as ease of production and assembly, quantity and availability of parts. , selection of equipment, cost of breakdown and repair. As with SEER, users of all project management software solutions can adjust their strategies through extensive business analysis—different perspectives and methods to determine the strategies that produce the best results. The results of this analysis can be recorded and shared using SEER’s reporting capabilities, as well as sent to many third-party applications.

By allowing organizations to model a variety of manufacturing processes, SEER for Manufacturing is a powerful complement to traditional estimating, costing and manufacturing software solutions.

The SEER Manufacturing Product Line (SEER MFG) consists of the SEER Core and advanced capabilities that can be licensed individually or bundled into a set of redistributable documents.

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The SEER MFG (formerly SEER-DFM) product line consists of a unique SEER core with advanced capabilities that can be offered as an optional product.

Color Labor and Materials is designed to quickly and accurately calculate labor and equipment costs for use in comparing and determining material costs around the world. It contains comprehensive data that is constantly updated, including global labor costs, technology-specific costs, cross-regional costs (including low-cost firms), annual labor costs, and regional currencies.

Aerostructures Pro provides additional business and analysis solutions that include all types of components: structural components; construction and construction; equipment and consumables; cutting tools and cooking; equipment used; hot processing, drying and cutting; and other specialty aircraft components for manufacturing and assembly. Aerostructures Pro was developed in collaboration with leading US aerospace companies, with support and participation from the US Air Force and Navy. In April 2006, CAI’s final technical review identified Aerostructures Pro as one of the three most significant technology developments since the program began in 1996. Live Build MFG is a one-stop solution for creating 3D printed models that is accessible to everyone. It is designed to help users print parts easily, quickly and efficiently, especially those with little experience in bonding to assemble assemblies.

Build MFG software makes part creation a simple click of a button. It is a comprehensive and powerful 3D model planning tool for benchtop metal flow joining systems. Increase your success with automatic slot creation, support and cutting-edge technology on an easy-to-use website where users can customize certain features:

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Compatible with Windows and MacOS, Live Build MFG accelerates additive manufacturing, enabling continuous production and workflow efficiency, and delivers high-quality parts without requiring extensive production or training.

Load a 3D model or CAD file into Live Build MFG and the program will automatically insert your parts into available 3D space to help users optimize their machine designs. Change part orientation to progress over time for precise printing, or manually drag, rotate, and scale parts to change designs.

Take advantage of flexible binder flow production and add different parts, apply them in one design, or carefully spray an entire box of product into a complete package for perfect print and appearance.

Live Build MFG supports all CAD models and analyzes geometry to solve visual data problems. Are you already working with other building optimization software? Live Build MFG recognizes files created with Desktop Metal Live Sinter™ to automatically import key components, and users of other CAD tools can easily import pre-built and larger models.

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Live Build MFG also offers quality work on Metal Bonding Jet Systems. At each stage, cross-sectional images of 2D sections are recorded and then provided to the printer for reading. The software performs a preliminary analysis so that the user can understand the details of the internal structure of the part, while allowing the view of a building section or triangular sections, such as the width of a wall, to be assessed.

To help users better understand construction jobs, Live Construction MFG calculates print times and also provides general information about materials and supplies. Shipping information, price comparisons and price calculations for parts being shipped and individual products or complete boxes of designs are repeated.

Live Build MFG helps users plan sintered parts, providing materials analysis and production support, reducing material waste during printing. To compensate for any differences in the sintering process, Live Build MFG provides users with standard tools and accessories to compensate for oven shrinkage.

Sintering helps control the temperature of the parts in the furnace. Live Build MFG shows the surface on which the support should be placed, and users can select the lug angle and the top angle of the support. Sintering support can be provided by good quality honey to reduce the use of binder during construction and to facilitate removal and shortening of parts.

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