Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Philadelphia

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Philadelphia – Medical errors harm thousands of people every year. You may be surprised to learn that, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States. It ranks right behind heart disease and cancer. A Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney at the Wieand Law Firm can help you if you have suffered devastating and irreversible injuries due to medical malpractice.

We all trust that the care provided by physicians and health care professionals will meet or exceed the applicable standard of care. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. A Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney will defend your rights if you have been injured due to negligent medical care. Keep in mind that most medical injuries occur in the evenings, on weekends and holidays. Medical malpractice rates are also higher during the first two weeks of July when new residents move in. It is estimated that twice as many mistakes are made during this time.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Philadelphia

Don’t wait to speak with a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney if you or a loved one is considering a malpractice lawsuit. Time is of the essence when it comes to investigating and filing a claim.

Things To Know In A Medical Malpractice Case

A Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney will thoroughly investigate whether medical malpractice was the cause of your injury or the wrongful death of a family member. Our primary goal is to ensure that victims of medical malpractice receive fair compensation for their pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Call us at (215) 666-7777 for a free legal consultation.

Medical malpractice can be either the negligent act or omission of a health care provider. The plaintiff must prove his claim of medical malpractice by a preponderance of the evidence. For this purpose, doctors and other experts will be called to the trial as witnesses. A plaintiff’s expert witness must testify with a reasonable medical belief that the treatment provided was in accordance with the standard practice of the medical community and that the patient suffered injury or death as a direct result of that treatment.

The patient has the right to compensation if the doctor has caused injury or damage due to negligence. However, it should be remembered that a bad result alone does not necessarily indicate negligence on the part of the doctor. Instead, the physician must breach the standard of care. If you suspect you have been injured due to medical malpractice, call a Philadelphia attorney for legal advice regarding your claim.

The types of medical malpractice or “breach of the standard of care” vary widely among medical fields and among medical providers. Some of the abuse cases we handle include:

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia

Every state has adopted a statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the general rule is that you must file a medical malpractice lawsuit within two years of the date you discover or should have discovered medical negligence. However, determining this date can be difficult and there are exceptions to this two-year rule. A malpractice attorney can help you determine when the statute of limitations expires in your case.

The effects of medical malpractice on the victim are often physically, financially and emotionally devastating. Medical expenses after a catastrophic injury can spiral out of control. Often, the stress of exorbitant medical bills is compounded by the victim’s inability to work due to injuries.

Our medical malpractice attorneys know the emotional and financial toll that victims of medical malpractice experience. That’s why we fight so hard for our customers.

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can review your economic and non-economic damages and help determine the value of your case. If the hospital’s insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, we will not hesitate to take your case to a jury.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The law firm that handles your case will have a big impact on the outcome. Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney Brent Wieand of the Wieand Law Firm has been named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer “Rising Star” five years in a row. He is an experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney who fights hard for justice and maximum financial compensation for his clients.

For a free consultation with a medical malpractice attorney, call us today at (215) 666-7777. We are proud to serve customers throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

: This page is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The Wieand Law Firm is located in Philadelphia, PA and serves clients throughout PA and NJ.

Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney Wieand Law Firm, LLC knows that behind every medical malpractice case is someone whose life has been turned upside down by a devastating injury. A medical malpractice attorney’s job is to find the truth about how a medical disaster happened, which is often covered up or covered up by the medical professionals who were paid to treat it.

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We strive to represent victims of medical malpractice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Through detailed analysis of medical records, we work tirelessly to uncover documents your doctors don’t want you to find and empower patients to seek justice. We handle all types of medical malpractice, including birth defects, cancer misdiagnoses, dental care, and nursing home abuse and negligence.

When you litigate your medical malpractice case, we will work with top doctors from around the country to provide expert analysis and testimony to prove your case. We are proud to handle medical malpractice cases in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

The Wieand Law Firm was founded by Brent Wieand, one of Philadelphia’s top medical malpractice attorneys. If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice, call Attorney Wiand directly for a free consultation at 1 (215) 666-7777.

Wieand Advokatfirmaet offers free legal advice to people who suspect that they or a family member has been the victim of medical malpractice. If you believe that negligent medical care has caused serious injury or death, call us immediately. We can help you determine whether you have a legal claim and take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights.

Pa Supreme Court Amends…

In addition to offering free legal advice, our firm does not charge upfront costs or attorneys’ fees. We work for a contingency fee. Fees and costs associated with your claim will be deducted from any compensation or settlement you receive under this agreement. Therefore, you will never have to pay costs or attorneys’ fees unless we recover damages on your behalf through a judgment or settlement.

Medical malpractice cases are usually complex, time-consuming and expensive. Before we represent a client, we conduct a thorough investigation of your claim. The initial review process used to evaluate medical malpractice claims typically includes:

If we believe your case has merit, we will discuss the terms of legal representation and then begin working on your behalf. Our mission is to help you recover compensation for your devastating losses and financial burden as a result of the incident.

There are no hard and fast rules about how long it will take to resolve a medical malpractice case. Medical malpractice is part of an area of ​​law known as complex civil litigation. Because of the complexity of these cases, they typically have extended discovery paths. This means that parties are given more time to send written questions and answers, take objections, argue motions and hire experts for trial.

Medical Malpractice Video Library

As in any other case, even a clear abuse claim can be settled by agreement between the parties before or during the trial. If your attorney is able to negotiate a settlement, it may shorten the time frame for your claim.

Unfortunately, even meritorious medical malpractice cases are usually vigorously defended by defense attorneys. Doctors hesitate to enter into settlement agreements for fear of rising insurance rates. Because the legislation is designed to reduce the number of medical malpractice lawsuits, insurance companies now have more resources to devote to defending cases. All of these factors increase the likelihood that your case will go to trial or even be appealed after a jury verdict. As such, medical malpractice cases are not for the faint-hearted and typically result in lengthy litigation that can last for years.

A PA medical malpractice attorney believes that surgical malpractice is one of the most common types of medical malpractice. They can cause life-threatening injuries and trauma to the patient. In most cases, these mistakes could have been avoided if the surgeon had taken better care. Here are some of the most common causes of surgical errors.

When medical malpractice occurs, a doctor, hospital, or health care professional made a mistake and committed a negligent act or omission that caused harm to a patient. As you have already read, surgical errors are one of the most common types of medical malpractice. But there are many other situations where this can happen. If you are unsure whether you have been the victim of medical malpractice, a brief free consultation with a member of the team can help you decide whether it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit.

Does Pennsylvania Cap Damages In Medical Malpractice Cases?

In order to be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, the following three elements must be met in this situation:

This can be difficult for the patient

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