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Vivify Software – VivifyScrum is a cloud-based Agile project management solution that includes Scrum and Kanban collaboration boards, team management, invoicing, client management and time management. Suitable for small industrial teams and large organizations in many industries Users can create their own virtual organization and add team members After creating the project, you can assign different roles to team members and increase their contribution to the project. Projects can be linked to related collaboration boards where team members can track their work Scrum boards provide users with product backlog, various active sprints, sprint goals, burndown charts, and status. VivifyScrum allows users to create invoices for clients that can be sent directly from the app…

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Vivify Software

Starter Plan – for 10 team members – $10 per month (flat rate for all teams) Standard Plan – for teams between 11 and 50 – $6 per month Growth Plan – for teams between 51 and 100 members – $5 per month User Enterprise Plans – for teams with more than 100 members – Annual plans on request – 20% off all features included. With each plan, users get unlimited desktops and space, a 7-day free trial (no credit card required).

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We have been using Vive for over a year for internal project management and this feature allows us to track all tasks, prioritize tasks and see what needs to be done and when. It gives a clear vision of the work

We ran into a problem where we moved items on the boards and they disappeared. However, we called support and they fixed it within a day

Time tracking and the breakdown of who did what was too complex for what we wanted and needed with other programs. It’s easy with Vivife

How the board is organized, how easy it is to create tasks and select participants, and the time tracking feature seems very useful for managing and tracking project time.

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The functionality of the subscription upgrade to add new members is a bit clunky and not optimized, but that’s been fixed with the update, so that’s fine.

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Free to start using, reasonable limits for free functionality It has most of the features we need, comments, checklists, scrum board and sprint management. Beautiful UI.

Mobile functionality and UI are very poor, desktop site UI is awkward to use, looks good but navigation is not user-friendly, some elements are auto-saved and others are not, giving an inconsistent user experience. Email notifications or browser notifications link you to a misleading page from where you cannot access item details or see what has changed.

Vivify Health Announces New Dashboards With Business Intelligence Capabilities

It’s perfect for our team size, we really rely on the software, and when it comes down to it, we don’t know what to do and say “Wife Check” every day so everyone knows what to do, time for work if they need it. Our company has leveled off because of Vivify, now we can take on more projects and make more money and we don’t waste time asking what to do.

Overall it’s easy to use, how to drag and drop your work and watch the list grow, it’s satisfying and great for our team, I’m glad you can add comments, links and documents to your work

I can’t save the changes I made to the board later. So, every time I open a new board, I always redesign it as a team, which I like to use.

Great help from fellow users and people working there. In December we received a small notebook as a gift

Vivify Device Database

It’s good to add a little more structure to our plans! It’s easy to add tasks, move them to different days of the week, and be as flexible as you want. I highly recommend it to other creative businesses

We have a clear overview of all the tasks to be completed, we work with many people, it is easy to see who is working on which project and what needs to be done every day, it works perfectly, I would like to see a more structured environment in the office

Sometimes there are problems with the website, often at the beginning of the working day (when we need it most) and it is not pleasant. It’s often short-lived and doesn’t last many hours, but it can be a bit annoying during a busy week. Plano, Texas, March 4, 2020 // – VVF Health, developer of the state’s connected care platform for holistic patients. Care & Engagement today announced the availability of a new dashboard with reporting capabilities, the dashboard provides an overview of populations and programs in clinical settings for better informed and better patient care.

Making data actionable has become a challenge in many healthcare settings. VVIF’s operational, clinical, and administrative dashboards, featuring powerful APIs, allow practitioners to drill down on patient-specific information with real-time data that can be used to view the patient’s overall health. On the VVIF portal. The Vive Dashboard adds visibility to previously hidden data, allowing providers to act on that data and make course corrections.

Innovations: Connecting To Patients With Mobile Tech

“The new dashboard pulls providers out of the day-to-day granularity of managing RPM programs to provide a 30,000-foot view of care teams, patients, multiple programs and logistics,” said Eric Rock, founder and CEO of VivaHealth. With this new capability, clinicians have the reports they need at their fingertips.

The logistics of a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program can be a challenge for many providers. They enable doctors to know where and when remote patient monitoring kits are, reducing clinical interruptions and allowing providers to focus on providing care rather than health kits.

In 2019, Vivifi announced a partnership with Exago to leverage embedded analytics and reporting capabilities as part of Vivifi’s Pathway platform. Combined with Vive’s existing data collection, monitoring and engagement capabilities, these analytics allow healthcare providers to access self-service ad hoc reporting and interactive dashboards for more information and improved patient care.

At HIMSS20, Vive’s Chief Technology Officer Michael Hawkins and Exagora’s Director of Sales Engineering Nick Avosa will discuss BI data security, HIPAA, APIs and more, Wednesday, March 11 from 2:15-2:35 in Hall A . Booth 680.

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HIMSS attendees should plan to visit VivaHealth booth #6365 for a demonstration of the new dashboard and telehealth and RPM solutions.

Wivify Health Wivify Health is an innovative leader in connected health delivery solutions for mobile companies, a cloud-based platform that empowers the management of total remote care through personalized care planning, biometric data monitoring, multi-channel patient education and actions configured for unique needs. Each patient. Vive Health serves the nation’s largest and most progressive health systems, healthcare organizations and employers – empowering physicians to proactively manage the complexity of telehealth care, optimize employee health and productivity, and a single platform solution for all digital health devices and data. Our comprehensive, content-rich platform and turnkey workflows enable service providers to intuitively add value at scale and across populations. For more information about Vivify Health, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn Visit the company blog Access case studies, thought leadership and news

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Isabella Curiel

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