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Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer – The birth of your baby should be a joyful and important event. However, if your child suffers a preventable injury or birth defect due to medical negligence, it can be traumatic and painful. If your baby has had a birth accident due to medical negligence, don’t hesitate to call (215) 666-. 7777 to speak with Philadelphia personal injury attorney Brent Wiand, Esq.

Birth injuries can occur when a doctor does not properly assess and respond to conditions during labor or delivery. For example, an OB/GYN may not perform a medically necessary C-section or use equipment during labor that directly injures the baby. In other cases, birth defects can result from care decisions made during pregnancy, including the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer

If your child suffered a birth accident due to medical negligence, you may be able to file a birth accident lawsuit to seek compensation for their injuries.

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There are various conditions that can cause disability or birth defects. However, not all birth injuries are caused by medical negligence. Only an experienced medical attorney can help you determine whether your child’s injuries could have been prevented. If you suspect that your child’s birth accident was caused by medical negligence, attorney Brent Wiand can help.

Wieand Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to medical malpractice. We know how to find evidence of medical malpractice that the doctor wants to hide. When you represent us, the Wieand Law Firm will carefully review your claim and work with the best medical experts to prove your case in court. Our aim is to provide you with the support your child needs whilst keeping you well informed throughout the process.

Birth accident litigation is often very complex and can require expensive and lengthy litigation. It is important to use an experienced attorney with the resources, knowledge, and tireless dedication necessary to handle complex malpractice cases. For a free legal consultation, call Philadelphia birth injury attorney Brent Wieand at (215) 666-7777.

Injuries during childbirth are often completely preventable. Some common causes of miscarriage include:

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Sometimes mistakes happen because the doctor is not well trained to deliver the baby. In other cases, the doctor may find it difficult due to fatigue, indifference, or an off day. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can cause lasting and serious problems for a child.

Contrary to popular belief, cerebral palsy is not a disease – it is usually brain damage that occurs during pregnancy or childbirth. It can also occur in young children after a headache. Cerebral palsy can occur during birth or if the baby is pushed out of the womb using a medical device or vacuum, or may be deprived of oxygen as a result. late birth (more common in multiple births). These types of injuries can contribute to or cause damage to the developing brain in cerebral palsy.

Brachial impotence, a type of brachial plexus or brachial impotence, is caused by nerve damage in the shoulder. It is often caused by shoulder dystocia during a difficult birth. Hand swelling is a swelling of the hand that goes away on its own with time. This type of injury often results in difficult delivery due to fetal macrosomia. Erbs swelling may require corrective surgery.

During labor and delivery, the doctor usually monitors the fetal heart using an electronic monitor (EFM). EFM can alert the doctor to problems with the fetus. Fetal pain can occur if the baby is not getting enough oxygen during birth. If left untreated, fetal distress can cause brain damage to the baby.

Why Hire A Birth Injury Lawyer?

A difficult birth can cause injury to the mother. These injuries must be properly diagnosed and serious damage can be prevented. Physicians caring for postpartum mothers must take proactive measures to identify and treat bleeding, excessive bleeding, or infection. These serious health problems can lead to serious complications or death if left untreated.

There is also a risk of injury after birth. Medical professionals who fail to detect signs of infection, respiratory problems, heart problems or other serious conditions can be held liable for negligence if a child is seriously injured or dies as a result of the error. If you have a newborn who appeared healthy at birth but developed complications after birth, contact the birth injury attorneys at the Wieand Law Firm to discuss whether these injuries may have been the result of caregiver negligence.

Women in labor can be seriously injured before, during or after birth. Some of the most common injuries we see at our law firm include:

The term “adverse event” describes harm to the patient as a result of medical care. If you have received a report of an adverse event during delivery, you have reason to believe that a malpractice has occurred. Often, medical professionals will reassure patients that the adverse event is not related to the quality of care provided.

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You should not rely on this representation and you are entitled to check for yourself. If you suspect that your child was injured or harmed during birth, consult an experienced attorney immediately. Birth injury claims are complex and the burden of proof is on the plaintiff to prove that the injury was caused by negligence. An experienced Philadelphia attorney can help you properly investigate and prepare your case to maximize your chances of receiving compensation for your child’s injuries.

We are here to help. For a free, friendly, no-obligation consultation, speak with a Wieand Law Firm attorney and Philadelphia birth attorney at (215) 666-7777. The consultation is always free and confidential. Our lawyers are familiar with the types and causes of birth injuries. Our firm collaborates with top-level specialists such as OB/GYNs, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, and other medical professionals to provide the necessary information to support birth control claims.

Parents who suspect a miscarriage often feel anxious and confused. They don’t know if the hospital or doctor will give them full and accurate information about what caused their child’s symptoms. A Philadelphia birth injury attorney recommends taking the following steps to ensure you have the information you need if you decide to file a birth injury or insurance claim.

The birth injury attorneys at the Wieand Law Firm in Philadelphia can help you navigate the process and make it as stress-free as possible. In a birth accident lawsuit, you can expect the following steps:

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The Wieand Law Firm offers a free case review and evaluation to help you understand your legal options and your ability to participate in a lawsuit. A Philadelphia personal injury attorney will ask questions about your pregnancy, birth, and your baby’s symptoms or injuries. Many clients are unaware that their child’s health problems are the result of a birth defect. Our law firm has the knowledge and resources to determine if medical malpractice caused injuries to a child

Philadelphia personal injury attorneys gather evidence to support your claim. This evidence may include medical records, witness statements, and testimony from medical professionals such as obstetricians and anesthesiologists.

After collecting the first information, including the testimony of the expert’s work in this field, the lawyers will file a claim and indicate that you are applying to the court for compensation for the damages caused by the party. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed in different ways depending on the circumstances of the case. Defendants generally have 30 days to respond. Defendants often deny claims for damages and explain that they were not at fault for the accident.

When a refund request is denied, the discovery process begins. Plaintiffs and defendants are gathering more evidence to support their claims.

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Once the supporting evidence is gathered, the plaintiff’s and defendant’s attorneys will begin negotiations to reach a settlement. Your Philadelphia personal injury attorney will use the evidence gathered to get the defendant fully compensated for the child’s injuries.

Sometimes a fair agreement cannot be reached between the parties. When settlement negotiations fail, the birth order can be filed in court. A trial by jury may result in a larger award than the plaintiff’s defense presented during negotiations. However, there is a risk that the jury will side with the defendants and leave the plaintiff without compensation. Therefore, the majority of birth defect cases are settled in court.

A birth accident lawsuit can be complicated and require several steps. This is why it is important to have the guidance of a Philadelphia birth attorney.

The attorneys at Wieand Law Firm work to represent victims of serious and catastrophic injuries. In our eyes, there is nothing more tragic than the birth of an innocent child. Our lawyers work sincerely

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