Best Lawyer For 18 Wheeler Accident

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Best Lawyer For 18 Wheeler Accident – At MKP Law Group, LLP, our attorneys exclusively represent injured parties. We have years of experience fighting for clients who have been injured in trucking accidents caused by the negligence of another party. We understand that finding a quality Los Angeles truck accident attorney is difficult, which is why we always work on what is called a contingency fee basis, which means WE DON’T WORK, WE DON’T GET PAID.

There are no upfront costs for our customers. Our experienced trucking attorneys have recovered millions on behalf of our clients. We will fight hard on your behalf to get maximum compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys work with a team of medical professionals in the Los Angeles area and throughout California to ensure that you or your loved one receives the highest level of medical care for a speedy and healthy recovery while working with insurance companies.

Best Lawyer For 18 Wheeler Accident

We represent victims of truck accidents in California. The personal injury attorney team at MKP Law Group, LLP strives to make the process as easy and quick as possible for you. The team at MKP Law Group, LLP has the experience and determination to give your case the attention it deserves. Call us today at 310-285-5353 to schedule your 100% free consultation.

Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents –

All of our cases are contingency fee, so if we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us a penny.

Getting into an accident with an 18-wheeler, big rig, or other large truck can be a very scary experience. Accidents often result in serious injury and even death.

Accidents are already a terrible event. When a truck is involved, the consequences of a car accident only get worse. These large, heavy commercial vehicles can have devastating consequences. The size and weight of large trucks makes driving these vehicles particularly dangerous and increases the likelihood of accidents.

When large equipment collides, tragic injuries and wrongful deaths are not uncommon. If you have been injured or a loved one has died in this type of accident, you need a trucking attorney to help you fight your debt.

How To Find The Best Truck Accident Lawyer

MKP Law Group, LLP is here to help you through every step of the legal process. Los Angeles truck accident attorneys have the experience, resources, and dedication you deserve. Read on to find out how we can help you.

Big rigs, often called “big rigs”, are trucks with an attached tractor trailer, usually used to transport cargo. These trucks are common in California because they are used to transport products and materials for commercial businesses and include the following vehicle types:

Trucks and trailers weigh thousands of kilograms more than private cars. While there are many different types and classifications of trucks, they are generally classified by gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR. The higher the rating, the more dangerous it can make the average driver.

Due to the size and significant weight of large trucks, car accidents involving trucks are generally more dangerous and deadly than normal car accidents. Unfortunately, most truck accident victims do not survive.

How Long Does It Take To Settle An 18 Wheeler Accident Case?

Truck drivers’ schedules usually require them to drive long hours and at unusual times, such as late at night or early in the morning. Despite federal trucking regulations designed to prevent drivers from speeding, accidents still happen. There are several factors that contribute to an accident, including but not limited to:

Although truck driver negligence is the primary cause of most truck accidents, the truck itself can pose a danger to other drivers. For example, some car accidents are caused by improperly securing the truck to the trailer.

Transport accidents involving trucks and other large commercial vehicles can lead to serious accidents such as motor vehicle accidents and rollover accidents.

As more and more goods cross our highways, the number of these types of accidents will only increase over time. While we certainly benefit from the online market and fast shipping, this additional traffic can cause significant property damage and personal injury to innocent victims.

Finding The Best Truck Accident Lawyer

The team at MKP Law Group, LLP strives to make the process as simple and quick as possible. Our team is experienced, attentive, reliable and persistent, so call us today to schedule your 100% consultation.

People involved in truck collisions can be seriously injured. These large trucks weigh tons, so their impact is often devastating.

Regardless of the severity of your injury, always seek medical attention after an accident. It is important to go as soon as possible, because even if there are no signs of physical damage, there can be deep traumas that become apparent over time. Traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries take a long time and can often be the result of truck accidents.

The damages that can be recovered in a semi truck personal injury lawsuit are essentially the same damages that can be recovered in a regular passenger car accident. These damages may include:

Wheeler Accident Lawyers Near Me

In rare cases, special damages called “punitive damages” are awarded. The role of punitive damages is to punish the wrongdoer in the hope of setting an example and deterring further wrongdoing.

Every truck accident requires a thorough investigation. In order to receive maximum compensation for your injuries, it is important to know all the facts of the accident. Often, hiring experts to investigate the facts allows the legal team to fully understand the circumstances of the accident and who is at fault. Our semi truck accident attorneys have the experience and resources to conduct a thorough investigation, including:

Truck accidents are often complicated by the many people involved. Usually the tractor or truck is owned by one company and the trailer by another company.

So, half truck accidents involve the truck driver AND multiple trucking companies AND their insurance companies. This means that there may be multiple parties responsible for your injuries and multiple attorneys defending the claim.

Indio Car And Truck Accident Lawyer Sebastian Gibson

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (or “FMCSA”) is an agency of the US Department of Transportation that oversees the transportation industry.

To combat driver fatigue and ensure safety, the trucking industry is strictly regulated by federal laws and safety regulations that limit the number of consecutive hours a truck can be driven, mandated rest periods, and rules that mandate truck driver timekeeping.

Unfortunately, these logs are often manipulated or modified by the trucking company or trucking company to violate federal laws and security regulations. The trucking accident attorneys at MKP Law Group, LLC know how to analyze these logs and determine if they are fake and, if so, hold the trucking company fully responsible.

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Truck Accident Lawyer Houston, Texas Trucking Accident Attorneys

After a truck or semi truck accident, you need to hire an experienced truck accident attorney to get your case resolved as quickly as possible. Our experienced Los Angeles attorneys provide comprehensive professional legal representation and work with insurance companies so our clients can focus on their medical care and recovery.

Because of the extensive property damage and risk of catastrophic injury, almost every semi truck accident requires a police investigation and report. Our law firm obtains and reviews police reports and hires accident reconstruction experts to investigate scenes, truck records and truck footage/data. We will also contact witnesses and obtain their statements. Our lawyers can subpoena the shipping company to require the shipping company to keep all relevant information, video recordings and/or reports.

Once the investigation is complete, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will submit a claim to all insurance companies that will cover the incident. Claims filed with each insurance company include a request for full compensation for your injuries, as well as a detailed statement of why the truck driver/trucker was negligent and responsible for the claim.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate to maximize the value of your case. Before we begin negotiations, we speak with our clients to understand your primary goals with your injury to ensure we are all on the same page.

Tips For Choosing The Best Truck Accident Lawyer

If we are unable to resolve the issue through settlement with the insurance company, the next step in the process is to file a lawsuit against all potential parties. During the trial, there is still the possibility of settling the case in court, but if the parties cannot do so, a trial will begin where evidence will be presented and a jury will issue a verdict. A jury will decide who is at fault for the accident and how much compensation will be awarded to the victim.

It is important to remember that even if the victim of a truck accident is partially at fault, the victim can still file a lawsuit.

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