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Oil Rig Accident Lawyer – According to the Centers for Disease Control, oil and gas industry workers have a death rate six times higher than any other industry. While about 75% of oilfield deaths involve trucking and transportation, about 50% of those people suffer serious burns serious or serious injuries from accidents or explosions while working on oilfield sites

Hydrocarbons and volatile gases are present even during long working hours. And dangerous drilling equipment makes oil drilling a dangerous job. But too many oil and gas companies are willing to cut corners. When combined with the already hazardous conditions of long, tiring work hours and constant production pressure, this increases the chances of a driller being seriously injured or killed on the job.

Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

When tragedy strikes oil rig workers across the United States turn to the unbeaten oil rig injury attorneys at Zehl & Associates for help to secure their future. Companies must be held accountable and provide them with the best medical services.

Louisiana Oil Rig Injury Lawyers

Our undefeated oil drilling accident attorneys have not only won billions of dollars in compensation for oil and gas workers who were seriously injured; severely burned and tragically killed by explosions. Oil Field Explosion and the Worst Accident in Modern History

We have also won many of the highest-ranking verdicts and settlements in Texas in U.S. history and among rival organizations, including:

Our oil rig and drilling accident attorneys continue to win record settlements for clients because:

From finding and scheduling the best doctors and medical providers to helping create financial plans and trust funds for your family’s future. Injured oilfield workers know they can rely on our unparalleled oilfield injury attorneys to provide any support they need. They need it while the case is pending, and for a long time. They have been resolved.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to a drill explosion, engine explosion, or oil field accident don’t trust anything the oil company or insurance company will do. Get it right and protect your future.

No matter what they say or promise. As much as you want to “get things done,” the reality is your employer. Insurance companies and their legal teams will do everything possible to avoid liability. And avoid having to pay full damages to your family. Even if it means blaming you for the accident. Make your injuries frivolous and “lose” or destroy important evidence that proves the drilling company is at fault.

Successfully represented thousands of injured oil field workers in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and throughout the United States. Our undefeated drilling accident attorneys have proven time and time again our ability to win verdicts and settlements against some of the largest companies in the world.

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All consultations are free. No obligation to. And you don’t have to pay us a penny. Unless we win your case

Including ending the largest oil field accident in history after securing billions of dollars for injured workers. We see time and time again that most or all rig injuries and deaths are completely preventable. This is often a direct result of a company’s focus on profits. Exceed security boundaries and refuse to comply with company security policies and industry standards.

Although an oilfield accident or an oil rig explosion is clearly the company’s fault, they are not fully responsible for injuries or deaths on the rig. The company and its legal team will:

Drilling companies and insurance companies will do whatever it takes to avoid full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. After a catastrophic or fatal oil rig accident, protecting your rights and your family’s future depends on you:

Texas Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Whatever you do don’t try to negotiate with the drilling company yourself. This will only delay and reduce the value of your case. Your chances of obtaining a fair and complete settlement decrease while so-called negotiations continue. At the same time, the chance that a company will successfully limit your compensation to workers’ compensation benefits decreases. The labor force will only increase

Our oil rig and oil rig accident attorneys have won billions of dollars in compensation for injured workers in Texas and across the United States. It reinstates the largest oilfield injury settlement in U.S. history. and went on to score record victories against the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

But we don’t just create records for our clients. We also make every effort to resolve their cases as quickly as possible so that our clients and their families can move on with their lives without having to worry about having to pay for their future in any way.

For example, just 12 months after an oil well explosion in Burleson County, Texas caused a catastrophic fire for a contractor, we recovered the community from the largest oil well fire in history. Under our agreement, our clients, wives and children receive lifetime financial security.

Why Is Offshore Work So Dangerous?

We are successful simply because we treat every customer like family. We work harder than our competitors. We prepare each case for trial from day one. We only accept the highest possible compensation from all our clients. injuries and losses

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, severely burned, or tragically killed in an accident or explosion on an oil rig. Our unparalleled oil rig injury attorneys will devote all their resources to you. The knowledge and time required to hold the company accountable and ensure that you and your family will have the highest recovery possible.

All consultations are free. And because we work entirely on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, you do not have to pay us anything unless we win your lawsuit. Working on an oil rig, whether offshore or onshore, is a dangerous job. You work long hours in adverse weather conditions. This can easily cause physical and mental fatigue. Additionally, oil is a highly flammable material.

Texas had 206 active oil rigs in 2020 and had the largest number of oil and gas workers in the country, with 4,580 workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Greater Houston Partner Information Houston is an important oil hub and natural gas industry. Houston is a major center for the oil and gas industry. Houston-based oil companies employ about one-third of the U.S. oil and gas workforce.

Common Causes Of Oil Rig Explosions

Oil rig workers perform jobs that support oil and natural gas drilling and extraction activities. Oil drilling and drilling rigs work directly with the equipment used to drill and extract oil. Sadly, injuries on oil fields and offshore rigs can quickly become more severe when emergency care is not located near the often isolated rig. It is not uncommon for oil rig workers to suffer serious injuries. These include head, neck and back injuries, burns and loss of limbs.

According to the Department of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, 44 oil rig workers died in Texas in 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Injury and illness rates from drilling and other oil well activities Increase in outer continental shelf area in 2019

Oil rig workers suffer many serious injuries on the job. This has huge implications for livelihoods and long-term health.

Workers can suffer serious injuries, such as amputation of limbs, fingers or toes, while operating drill machinery. Or unattached machinery can crush or break hands, arms and legs when tools are dropped or malfunction. Falls can cause serious organ damage.

Oil Rig Accident Lawyer

Oil rig workers fell into the sea and drowned due to unstable weather conditions and poor deck or equipment conditions. Head and spinal injuries in the hazardous environment of an oil rig can result in death or life-changing head injuries or cerebral palsy.

An oil rig worker was severely burned and disfigured in an explosion and fire on an oil rig. Occupational exposure to industrial chemicals can cause respiratory problems, burns, and skin irritation. Scars can affect range of motion in the hands, neck, and other parts of the body.

Working on an oil rig requires repeated bending and twisting. This includes pushing, pulling and lifting heavy machinery. Repetitive motion of it can lead to a herniated or ruptured disc. Includes chronic injuries to the hands and neck. This affects the driller’s ability to work independently.

Fatalities and injuries on oil rigs often result from employers failing to provide a safe working environment or reduce costs to save money. Some causes of injuries and deaths on oil rigs include:

How Risky Is It To Work On An Offshore Oil Rig?

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, gives sailors the right to sue their employer for personal injury. Employers are required by law to maintain safe working conditions. A seaworthy vessel and properly maintained equipment If your employer fails to properly maintain an oil rig’s machinery and maintain the vessel as a safe place to work, you may be able to sue them for injuries you suffered as an employee. The ship’s lack of medical supplies, insufficient lifeboats and slippery floors also violated the Jones Act. An injured worker filing a Jones Act lawsuit must do so within three years of the date of the lawsuit.

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