Call Center Gamification Software

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Call Center Gamification Software – By allowing managers and agents to receive real-time feedback on their goals, they monitor important KPIs. Therefore, important indicators such as AHT, FCR, ASA and ABR are reliable and trustworthy.

Make the customer service and support environment a place where call center agents can thrive. With our call center gamification platform, you can simplify engagement. Get appropriate rewards for solving problems and gaining new skills.

Call Center Gamification Software

It must be effective in how you reach existing customers or generate new sales. Encourage your call center to understand your products externally with positive reinforcement, feedback and rewards. Flatten the learning curve and help agents quickly grasp important information in an engaging way.

What Is Gamification?

Create a custom gamification solution for managers and employees where leaderboards, KPIs and more can be securely managed.

Enable managers to track their team’s KPIs and track their relative progress against each other. Reward high achievers and help underachievers in their studies.

Modernizing an outdated educational model. Encourage a more active and motivated call center. Well-trained and educated employees are critical to customer satisfaction.

Create a low-commitment and inefficient work environment with a reward system based on employee performance and results.

Enhancing Customer Experience And Employee Engagement Through Call Center Gamification

Set goals, track and measure agent performance to reduce absenteeism, average wait time, average congestion and agent turnover.

Safely hire new employees who need to stay up-to-date with your organization. Provide training on branding, company values, product portfolio, risk mitigation, security and regulatory compliance. Develop your agents and introduce better tools and processes by making learning fun and useful.

Contact center agents are not coin machines. Contact center gamification connects your agents emotionally to their team and their role, giving them daily reasons to be excited. Agents do not make calls, submit forms or register AUX codes only. To reach their full potential, they earn points by running missions, completing levels and unlocking missions.

Almost every activity of the agent is monitored and measured. Call center gamification uses this real-time data to make your agents more engaged, focused and responsive. On their integrated dashboard, agents can see how each activity brings them closer to their goals, helps their team overcome challenges and take their work to the next level.

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The more your agents know, the more confident and skilled they will be in responding to customers. Contact Center gamification offers fun and continuous gamification. Ensure that knowledge is acquired and applied through on-the-job simulations and mini-learning sessions. Then reward learning with real-time feedback and multiple opportunities to earn points and prizes.

“This platform really empowers agents by motivating them on a personal level to do more, do better, make changes and grow.” DEE NILLES Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft

As COO, develops and manages the company’s go-to-market strategies, including product marketing and sales support. She brings to her position over 15 years of experience developing business solutions for the top 500 companies in the world.

Previously, Dalit worked at LivePerson and NICE, creating solutions for digital transformation and customer engagement. Her areas of expertise include full product lifecycle management, interpreting market and customer requirements to create viable product roadmaps, identifying leaders and leveraging their enthusiasm to drive innovation.

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Dalit holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering and computer science from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa.

April has over 20 years of global marketing experience in the high-tech industry in brand leadership, demand generation and customer insight.

Previously Head of Global Marketing for SAP SuccessFactors, April was responsible for end-to-end global marketing for SuccessFactors. In this role, April leads strategic marketing plans to increase global brand awareness, revenue, customer success and creates Human Experience Management (HXM) categories focused on innovative solutions that put the employee at the center of the business. April served as head of diversity and inclusion at SAP and led global thought leadership and strategic partnerships to drive inclusive culture, women’s equality, supplier diversity and sustainable supply chains.

April has been recognized by several organizations, including CRN’s Channel Women and Empower’s Top 100 Ethnic Minority CEOs. She holds a BA in Communication and Marketing from Simon Fraser University, a leading public university in Canada.

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Ella Davidson is responsible for managing employee relations worldwide, including organizational development, talent management, benefits and recruitment. Ella has over 18 years of HR experience. Before joining, she was VP of Human Resources at SW Cubans myThings and OpTier, mentoring many entrepreneurs and startups in Israel’s high-tech industry, Israel and the United States.

Ella received her BA in Psychology from the Hebrew University and her MA in Organizational Behavior from the Recanati School of Business at Tel Aviv University.

Lynette Pollack Mart has over 15 years of experience managing product strategy and operations in large organizations.

She previously served as Head of Product Experience and Communications at LivePerson, where she was instrumental in delivering significant product innovation and customer growth. Prior to LivePerson, she held various leadership roles at NICE, a leading provider of enterprise client (CX) software, including director of product portfolio and director of product management.

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Linat holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Computer Science from Richmond University (IDC Herzliya). She graduated with honors from both institutions.

Gal (formerly Game Effective) was founded in

Prior to that, he was CEO of Gillon Synergy Business Insights, a national leader in business intelligence. In 2010, Gillon-Synergy was acquired by Ness Technologies (NASDAQ: NSTC) and Gall continued as Ness Senior Vice President and member of the executive management team.

Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Client Relations and Operations at Deloitte Consulting. He also worked for EDS and in Basan. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Information Technology from Tel Aviv University.

Customer Gamification Software

Jamie Smithers has 25 years of experience in enterprise software management. He has built and grown high performing revenue teams including Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, BusinessObjects, Crystal Decisions and most recently ThoughtExchange.

As CRO at ThoughtExchange (a leader in enterprise conversation management), he helped them dramatically increase their growth, enter new markets, attract key investments and become a leader in community engagement in the education sector.

With NetSuite becoming the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) standard through new channel adoption and a value-based approach to the sales process, Jamie helped create, grow and scale key enablers at NetSuite.

Prior to NetSuite, Jamie worked at SAP, leading a variety of roles including global revenue streams, large enterprise and mid-market teams. It was here at SAP that he formed a strong partnership with CMOs April Critchlow who focus on building world class teams with clear expectations, training and career development!

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Outside of work, Jaime is usually in the mountains sharing his love, passion and knowledge of nature and sports with his family.

Jamie received his business degree from the University of Denver, where he played two varsity sports (football and alpine skiing) and helped lead the alpine skiing team to back-to-back NCAA National titles in 2000 and 2001.

Doron is a seasoned R&D professional with deep experience in SaaS and enterprise software. He was involved in product development. Before joining the company, he was Director of Research and Development at Tipalty and was part of the team that developed Tipalty’s product and infrastructure. Before that, he was director of R&D sensor management at Orss, which was acquired by Nice Systems. Before that he held various research positions at Ors. Doron earned a degree in computer science from Yafo Tel Aviv Academic College and a master’s degree in business administration from Tel Aviv University.

Daphne has over 15 years of customer service and customer retention experience in both B2B and B2C environments. Her area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise is leading customer success, consulting and global professional services teams in public and private companies. She focuses on leading teams to create partnerships with our clients.

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Daphne specializes in operations research and holds an MBA in statistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ronen is a head of finance and business development with over 20 years of leadership experience in all areas of management in start-ups and international companies. He has direct experience with software, services and capital equipment companies, including fundraising and M&A across continents. Ronen is a CPA and holds an LL.M. from Bar Ilan University. and earned a BA from the College of Business Administration.

Ariel has over 16 years of experience in various leadership roles in research and development. He has extensive experience building R&D teams from scratch, achieving high levels of accountability and ownership, and building automation.

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Isabella Curiel

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