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Houston Offshore Injury Lawyer – Wherever there are navigable waters, there are always sailors doing their best to meet those needs. Oil and gas workers and other workers face dangerous situations every day. Companies are aware of these dangers and have an obligation to protect their employees. However, they often fail. When preventable incidents negatively impact workers’ lives and companies don’t do the right thing, Arnold & Itkin is ready to help.

Employees contact us when their entire lives are at stake and only the best attorneys can do that. Getting them the results they need is more than our job, it’s our calling.

Houston Offshore Injury Lawyer

We respond to catastrophic events around the world, including oil spills and fires, deep drilling incidents, submarine accidents, crane failures and more. We help customers after such incidents. From Jones’ law to workers’ compensation law in Longshore and Harbor, we know maritime law and are ready to help. We are proud to represent clients in Houston, Dallas, Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Timeline Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Texas

If you were injured in a marine accident, contact the attorneys of Arnold & Itkin. When others are unfair, we respond. When oil and gas companies don’t tell the truth, we catch them in their lies. When workers need results, our Marine Injury Lawyers work tirelessly to ensure they get them. It doesn’t matter.

When there is turmoil in the maritime industry, our cell phones start ringing. Whether someone needs help after a disaster, an oil rig or a ship has been involved in a collision, we are with those who are facing the situation that created it.

When the Deepwater Horizon exploded, we didn’t let some of the world’s largest companies blame the crew. When El Faro was hit by a storm and sank, we were there to make sure the company did everything right.

Both processes were dishonest, but both cases ended as they should: the injured party and the bereaved party.Style for fair compensation they got. With the largest victory in personal injury history, our firm is here to make sure big companies treat ordinary people well. We are here to help you win.

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Whether someone needs help after an explosion at sea, a collision in a ditch, or an accident on the dock, our company is ready to help. While every maritime injury case is different, there is one thing that applies to every claim: survivors and their families must be compensated by the communities and companies that harmed them. . We have experience in maritime law and have assisted clients in tracking all types of maritime injuries. When we take on individual cases, it means we dedicate ourselves to investigating their harm, seeking responsibility, and fighting to get the results they deserve.

When we help someone, we are committed to getting results, no matter how long it takes. Whether it takes months or years, we never give up. While some companies are reluctant to face difficult situations and are willing to accept the cheapest solution as quickly as possible, we are not afraid to fight back. We know that commitment and engagement are the only things that produce results.

No other group has suffered more from cuts to safety systems than offshore workers. Decades of lax security regulations mean that the biggest companies are not liable for total negligence. It cannot be denied that this negligence causes serious injury or death to workers. After an incident, companies offering low wages deny responsibility or even try to shift the blame to their employees.

At Arnold & Itkin, we have raised more than $15 billion for our clients. We’ve heard all the excuses that overseas companies try to use. We looked at every strategy from their legal team. We refuse to tell them because our clients deserve an outcome no matter what. Houston Offshore Injury Lawyers – Drilling Equipment and Platforms Our Houston Injury Lawyers help oil and gas workers injured offshore.

Oil Rig Accident Lawyer Houston

Offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, semi-wells, and rigs are dangerous workplaces. Workers on these ships can be injured and have their lives changed immediately. If this happens, who is responsible for lost medical bills and wages?

You may be surprised to learn that injured mariners may have a claim under Jones’ law. If your employer or another party was negligent and injured you, you can file a lawsuit. Workers on offshore fixed platforms may also have claims. However, their rights may differ from the rights of seafarers under the Jones Act. Our Houston Maritime Lawyers can help in both cases.

Legal counsel is an important asset when handling personal injury claims, especially maritime business operations. Whether you were injured on a fishing vessel, oil rig, or any commercial vessel, you need an attorney who understands Jones’ law and other maritime laws that may apply to your case.

Texas is one of the few states in the United States that does not require employers to guarantee workers’ compensation, and many people who work on the land in Houston have difficulty recovering from workplace injuries because of it. . When it comes to injuries while working abroad, the legal claims that victims face can be more difficult to resolve.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Reveals What To Do After A Car Accident

Houston-based personal injury law firm Stevenson & Murray represents maritime accident victims and marine workers. Whether you work on a drilling rig, ship, or rig, we can help you get compensation. We help oil workers:

Our firm’s highly experienced attorneys can help you understand your rights. We help victims evaluate their options to obtain maximum compensation. This includes medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact us today for a free consultation. All client consultations are strictly confidential.

While many people working in the United States have the option to file a workers’ compensation claim in response to a work-related injury, this is not a common option for seafarers. . In contrast, most maritime workers working in United States waters are governed by the Jones Act, a law specifically designed to limit the legal liability of maritime employers to their employees.

When an employee on a ship or overseas workplace is injured under the Jones Act, they have the right to seek various forms of compensation from their employer. A successful Jones Act claim can provide “services and care” that typically include:

Attorney Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers

When you choose Stevenson & Murray as your Houston Marine Injury Attorney, we will do everything we can to maximize the compensation you receive with your Jones Act claim. Similar remedies are available under the Texas Personal Injury Act if you are required to file a standard civil claim for damages against another party in the Houston area. Our firm can provide you with the representation you need in your Jones Act or other workplace injury claim in Houston.

If an employer fails to take appropriate precautions or ensure the safety of the flight crew, a court may find the employer liable for the resulting injuries. Employer negligence claims can include:

If you were injured while working as a crew member on a drilling rig or oil and gas rig, our Texas Personal Injury Law Firm is ready to help. Stevenson & Murray can help you understand your rights and discover your legal options. Even if a loved one dies in a serious accident on a platform at sea, we can help.

Many people living in Houston, Texas, work in the offshore industry on ships and station platforms built on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Although working at sea is fun and profitable, it is also dangerous. Not only is the sea dangerous, but the types of work typically carried out at sea can also be physically demanding and risky. If you or someone you love was injured on the job in Houston, Texas, you may need legal representation to recover your losses.

Undefeated Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries at sea, injuries on offshore oil wells, and injuries on commercial vessels can easily lead to complicated legal proceedings for victims and their families. If you believe you have grounds to take legal action following the death or injury of a family member at sea, it is important to seek out an experienced attorney to handle this difficult matter.

Stevenson & Murray has years of experience handling maritime claims, injuries and fatalities on behalf of clients in the Houston, TX area. We understand the legal challenges that most people who experience these events face and the difficulties they often face in obtaining compensation for their losses. A Houston Marine Injury Attorney can be a great asset as you work to obtain compensation for your damages.

If you are experiencing hardship after being injured at sea or have recently lost a loved one in a serious maritime accident, you may be reluctant to accept legal costs due to economic uncertainty. However, when you must file a civil lawsuit for injury or death at sea, it is important to understand the importance of reliable legal representation.

Filing a civil lawsuit can be very difficult due to its complexity.

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