Big Truck Accident Lawyer Alabama

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Big Truck Accident Lawyer Alabama – We know that big rigs can cause a lot of damage. Call us day or night to get more help by scheduling a free consultation with experienced Alabama car accident attorney Brian Plant.

We want to learn more about your accident so we can help decide what to do for you and your family and whether you may be eligible for compensation for your major injuries. . Call and chat for free. Plus, you won’t pay a penny out of pocket unless you get paid.

Big Truck Accident Lawyer Alabama

When a serious accident takes your life, we know that your first thought may not be to immediately call a lawyer. You may be thinking about seeking health care and trying to figure out how to meet your daily responsibilities. This is true whether you or the injured party are involved in the management or income of your family.

Big Truck Crashes

What you may not know is that car accidents involving 18-wheelers or semi-trucks are more difficult than accidents involving any other vehicle. In fact, parties other than the at-fault driver can be involved in serious car accidents. This may include the following:

To increase your chances of obtaining justice and receiving fair compensation for your injuries and other damages, we recommend hiring an experienced Alabama car accident attorney. By doing this, you have a team on your side to protect your privacy, investigate all aspects of the accident, review evidence, determine fault and manage claims. Legal Complexity of Car Accident Claims.

Accidents often occur when a commercial vehicle collides with a small vehicle. Unfortunately, drivers cannot prevent or avoid these types of accidents.

One of the most important tasks of a car accident lawyer is to determine the cause of the accident, the factors that led to the accident, and who or what is to blame for the accident and who responsible for is, injuries and damages.

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Once the cause is established, liability can be established to determine if compensation is needed for injuries, loss of quality of life, mental anguish, loss of wages/income, medical expenses, and other damages.

Contact our results-driven car accident attorneys via LiveChat or by phone at 1900-977-844 to discuss the details of your accident. Next, we’ll look at your legal options and whether you can pay for serious injuries, or in the worst case, wrongful death.

An experienced car accident attorney will spend a lot of time investigating and determining how the car accident resulted in the injury, disfigurement or wrongful death of a loved one. It also plays an important role in helping to determine who is responsible for compensating victims and victims’ families.

Although no two car accidents are the same, most can be classified into the following types of accidents:

Top Rated Alabama Truck Accident Lawyers

In 2018, there were 10,079 truck accidents in Alabama. Among these traffic accidents, 18 wheelers and other heavy commercial vehicles caused 2,629 injuries and 121 deaths. The majority of non-fatal traffic accidents occur on interstates, with the second largest number of accidents on city streets involving improper lane changes or traffic jams. The least common cause of Alabama car accidents that year was speed.

Car accident claims often result in accidents and injuries. The amount of compensation you can receive is determined by many factors, such as the severity of your injuries, the long-term effects of those injuries, loss of enjoyment of life, and lost wages.

At Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys, not only will you have a 24/7 legal team, but you’ll also find a dedicated team of experts determined to secure liability and get you the compensation you deserve. Call 1900-977-844 or use the LiveChat feature today for a free consultation to find out how Alabama car accident attorney Brian Plant can help you in your time of need. Calling is free and you don’t pay unless we win your case! Accidents involving large commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, “big rigs”, trucks and commercial vehicles of various types can be dangerous for little people. Car Accidents We will help you determine the cause of your injuries and fight to hold the driver or car company responsible for their negligence.

Like many states in this country, Alabama’s economy and its people depend on imports and exports and the business carried by automobiles. In fact, that’s why the state’s auto industry is so strong — in recent years, Alabama’s auto industry has created more than 100,000 jobs, or nearly 1 in 15 jobs in the state. Additionally, according to the Alabama Trucking Association, 86.1 percent of Alabama communities rely solely on trucks to move their goods.

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But while big cars can move goods, give people access to the food and products they rely on every day, and create jobs and economic growth, making big cars is a risky business. Large vehicles can be difficult to maintain, and if they are involved in an accident, the consequences can be disastrous.

At the law offices of Taylor Martino Rowan Personal Injury Lawyers in Mobile, Alabama, our experienced car accident attorneys will defend you if you have been injured in a car accident. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Error. Driving while at fault is one of the most common causes of car accidents in Alabama.

In some cases, the car company is to blame for the car accident. This can happen if the bus company does not properly maintain and operate the vehicles, does not properly train drivers or conduct driver checks, or requires drivers to meet hours of service requirements.

Did The Trucking Company Put An Unsafe Driver On The Highway?

The correct design and manufacture of vehicles and their components is critical. If there is a defective part, it can lead to an accident. For example, bad tires can lead to a dangerous collision, or defective tires that mean that a car cannot stop in time to avoid a collision.

Finally, if a damaged load, improper loading, or improper securing results in the movement of the load (or other items in the vehicle) resulting in an accident, the sender may be at fault.

In addition to the above, the actions of a third-party vehicle (such as changing the right lane in front of a vehicle that causes the driver to swerve quickly to avoid the vehicle and thereby collide with another vehicle) may result in an accident. . Such as bad weather, animals and litter on the road, and bad road conditions or bad signage.

When you hire our law firm to investigate your car accident, we will get to the bottom of what happened. Not only do we hire emergency response professionals who can build your case, we also issue subpoenas, record black box data, and more.

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If you have been involved in an accident with a large vehicle, the damage can be extensive. In fact, trucks can weigh up to 20 times more than motorcycles, which means that trucks can hit a group or hit themselves. For drivers and passengers in small cars, injuries are common.

A car accident can result in a variety of injuries, including severe brain injuries, cuts and bruises, and spinal cord injuries. While these injuries can be permanent and sometimes fatal, other injuries can be painful and sometimes limiting. A person injured in an accident cannot return to a normal life, needs a wheelchair or assistance for the rest of his life, is prevented from returning to work and cannot take care of himself.

A Mobile, Alabama car accident attorney from Taylor Martino Rowan personal injury attorney is committed to recovering full compensation for the damages you have suffered, including every penny of your medical expenses and future medical expenses . Future wages and salaries, costs for property damage, pain and suffering, value of diminished quality of life, suffering and more.

Even if you have been seriously injured and are still recovering or have not reached your peak health, you should act today to contact our Mobile, AL car accident law firm and begin the process of filing a car accident case . Not only must you notify the insurance company of the injury claim within a reasonable amount of time, but you must do so within two years if you plan to file a claim.

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