How Hard Is It To Learn Russian

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How Hard Is It To Learn Russian – Some languages ​​are “harder” to learn than others. In general, it is probably common for language learners to try to learn one type of European language, followed by others such as Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

Most European languages ​​use the same Latin alphabet as English, which makes the learning process easier: it’s hard enough to learn words without adding another alphabet to the mix.

How Hard Is It To Learn Russian

Language problems often play an important role in the choice of language we learn. When I was at school I had to learn German, the only other option at the time was to learn French. European languages ​​are divided into Romance and Germanic. Because German and English (and Dutch, etc.) are Germanic languages, they share linguistic similarities in some vocabulary and sentence structures, although from my experience learning German I can’t say that this makes it easier to learn.

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An article on Lingholic identifies language learning difficulties for native English speakers. As the passage suggests, there is no such thing as a language that is inherently “easy” or “difficult” to learn, as everyone’s native language has its own linguistic roots and weaknesses.

For a seasoned language learner, the challenge of a “difficult” language (e.g. Chinese or Japanese for a native English speaker) is likely one of the things that attracts them and makes them want to learn. For beginners or the uninitiated, putting the word “difficult” in front of something they are already unsure of can discourage them from trying. In part, along with the “everyone speaks English” mentality that underwrites the language, this is what puts the UK at a disadvantage in MFL.

The Defense Language Institute in the United States divides languages ​​into four categories – 1 being the easiest and 4 being the most difficult, based on the number of hours required to teach English to native English-speaking students up to a specific level of proficiency. Languages ​​such as French and Spanish are in category 1, while Arabic and Chinese fall in category 4. German is in the second category.

As I have mentioned many times on my blog, my favorite language is German. Spain and I, on the other hand, have a turbulent love history that we can currently coexist in peace, if not in complete harmony. Technically, if we were to take this classification literally, I should not have found Spanish as difficult to learn as I did. But to me, German made more sense and still does.

Just Started To Learn Russian Language. Any Advise?

However, this does not mean that German is the best language. For a logical country, the German language is illogical and overly complex in terms of sentences and grammatical structure. I mean, who needs 16 words depending on context, gender and case!?! Dutch is the easiest language to learn grammatically for English speakers, but I think the pronunciation is probably the most unusual for a native English speaker.

Languages ​​are expected to be ranked by difficulty – but since no two languages ​​are alike, it is impossible to compare them equally. Similarly, language groups such as German and Romance make it easier for native speakers to learn a similar language.

But more importantly, in my opinion, learning and teaching a language takes a bigger place in the popularity and representation of what a language should be learned. Passionate teachers and creative materials can change people’s attitudes and preferences, while the opposite can cause irreparable damage.

It’s also important to remember that every language learner is different, as is every learning style – while just reading a book might be boring for one learner, it might be the preferred method for another. Commitment and repetition of the material covered is very important in any kind of learning, and it is often a lack of commitment and discipline that can lead to failure to achieve these goals.

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Regardless of the language, if you are not willing to put in the effort to learn, regardless of your learning style and the quality of your resources, you will not succeed. These factors will also determine how long it will take you to learn the language at your desired level.

In conclusion, calling language easy or difficult is misleading. Learning depends on many factors, of which the language learned is only one of many.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please leave a comment below! I love reading them. You can also visit me on Twitter and let me know what you think.

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Why Are Some Languages More Difficult Than Others?

The Russian alphabet is called Cyrillic. This is his official name. It has a total of 33 letters inclusive

Out of 33 letters, you already know 5! These are t, m, o, a, k. You can remember these letters by memorizing the sentence: The man orders the kiwi.

It’s just a short sentence! A man orders a kiwi. Have you ever ordered kiwi? I didn’t do that.

Now imagine a guy who likes kiwi so much, he goes to a Russian restaurant and orders one…. It’s absolutely amazing!? But I bet you will remember these 5 letters next year if someone tells you about them. A man orders a kiwi.

Russian Spelling Alphabet

We call these “false friends.” There are 12. They are already very popular because they are in English.

This is the first false friend we will meet. It looks like our p, but it’s not pronounced the same way. It is pronounced like an R, but more “on” than in English. Imagine that your motorcycle engine is running.

Whenever you see đ, think of a (tennis) racket. It looks like one. Russian women are at world level in tennis. Consider Anna Kournikova.

Every time you see the letter е, imagine a Russian shouting like crazy. The man in the photo looks like Boris Yeltsin, the former president of Russia (before Putin).

O Usan Oegopos 1 Month G => The Subtitles Of Dog’s Bark Important) Zippy Thresher Weeks Ago I’m Learning The Russian Alphabet, Would Your Name Be Spelled Ivan Fedorov In Latin Script?

What? remember the letters CCCP that the Soviet Union put on the sides of their spaceships and on the uniforms of all their sports teams? Now you can impress your friends by saying it should be pronounced sssr.

Whenever you see it, think about playing volleyball. It is not a very popular game in Russia.

It seems crazy to think about it! This is totally inappropriate! But I assure you that you will NOT forget this letter now, because you cannot ignore it…

Santa Claus is a very nice person! He says, “Ho-ho-ho!! »But as we know, the symbol for a kiss is X, like the Russian letter, which is pronounced h. In the picture, Santa Claus says ho-ho-ho in Russian and also sends a kiss!

Is Russian Hard To Learn?

Imagine a moose who drank too much alcohol and now appears in cartoons. The Russian letter У looks a little like the English letter Y, but the Russian letter falls sideways and doesn’t quite stand on its feet because, remember, it’s DRUNK! Wow!

This letter looks like the Greek letter d (delta), but it is not quite the same. With a little imagination, you can change the shape of this letter in a designer lamp.

I agree that the asymmetrical design is a little strange, but that’s what makes the designer lamp stand out.

This is the first Russian letter you have ever encountered. It looks like an upside down capital letter N.

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Every time you see и, think of an eel (a type of fish) moving around the letter. I don’t know what eel is? Then imagine the fish yelling “ee!” “.

If you don’t know this letter yet, every time you see it you can imagine the pants that fit perfectly.

It’s like the English letter b, but with a viewer

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