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Get Ready To Learn Chinese Buddy

Be Prepared to Learn Chinese Buddy is a fake Bleacher Report infographic by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver with a fake quote to NBA player Kyrie Irving shortly after his anti-Semitic “Get ready to learn Chinese buddy” controversy. Originally posted in November 2022, the meme went viral online as a joke threat to underachieving or unsuccessful sports athletes. Macro points out that due to his performance, a player should not be in a high-level competition and should play in a lower-level league such as the Chinese CBA. Many memes also mentioned the Chinese team Shanghai Sharks, which was seen as the main landing spot for these players.

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The account @realnbaquotz posted a fake quote falsely attributed to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, tweeting a photo with the caption: “Get ready to learn Chinese mate” (photo and tweet, bottom left is right’). The tweet received more than 170 retweets and 2,000 likes in four months.

Launched in November 2022, the macro spread as a reaction image on Twitter, with users reacting to news of basketball players performing poorly in other sports. For example, on November 8, 2022, Twitter

The @c–ksources account used the image to respond to a tweet about basketball player Ben Simmons’ performance that season, writing: “The net to Ben Simmons.” The tweet received more than 30 retweets and 1,400 likes in four months (shown below, left). On December 21, the basketball news account @LakeShowYo captioned the macro, “Kendrick Nunn,” after the player’s poor performance. Tweet

The image remained popular in early 2023, spreading to TikTok, Instagram and Facebook in the following months.

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The Shanghai Sharks are a Chinese ABC professional basketball team that became known in NBA Twitter memes when NBA players who were bad or playing poorly in a certain game were thought to be selected and scouted by the Sharks, as they were. Being out of the league and abandoned by his team. The memes were mainly aimed at two players. The first was Ben Simmons in 2021 and then, most notably, Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks in 2023 after the Grizzlies were eliminated by LA. Lakers in the 2023 NBA playoffs. The NBA is a combination of athleticism, camaraderie and worldwide popularity. the best platform for viral trends.

Enter the “ready to learn Chinese, buddy” meme by NBA commissioner Adam Silver. This funny quote has taken Twitter by storm, showing how online culture, global sports and direct shopping are interconnected.

We unpack the development and origins of this meme, as well as how James Harden’s live event brought this meme back.

In a world where social media turns ordinary moments into memes, the “ready to learn Chinese, buddy” trend is the epitome of NBA etiquette. This is a fun answer for players who do not perform well in games, if they do not improve, they can also play in the Chinese CBA league and pick up some Chinese skills.

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The meme first appeared in the form of a Bleacher Report hoax featuring NBA commissioner Adam Silver, along with a fictional quote to him: “Get ready to learn Chinese, my friend.” This meme was originally shared by @realnbaquotz after NBA player Kyrie Irving faced criticism for an anti-Semitic incident in November 2022, before it took hold of the internet.

Since then, the meme has become a humorous response to athletes who have underperformed or suffered setbacks.

Great Meme Revival: Enter James Harden, the NBA Player Who Spent 10,000 Bottles of Wine on a Chinese Live Stream

In a more recent development on August 17, 2023, the meme saw another revival thanks to Josiah Johnson. This time, the meme was cleverly used in reference to James Harden’s latest venture.

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Along with online sensation Crazy Brother Yang, Harden entered the live streaming arena to support his J-Harden wine brand. The results were nothing short of amazing: 15 million viewers tuned in, underscoring the popularity of live streaming in China.

The use of a Josiah Johnson meme regarding Harden’s new endeavor added another layer of humor and relevance. With a meme history of making light fun of less-than-good players, the reference to Harden’s triumphant live streaming event was very fitting, because here was Harden, who had just achieved unprecedented success in the world of live streaming. The phrase “get ready to learn Chinese, my friend” now takes on a completely new and unexpected meaning.

During the live stream, he highlighted the emotional interaction. Crazy Brother Yang asked Harden about his usual daily wine sales at the same shop. Harden responded politely, citing “a few issues.”

However, the incident that followed surprised both of them. In an incredibly short time of just 14 seconds, the audience managed to buy an incredible 10,000 bottles of wine, adding up to an impressive $300,000 in sales at $60 for two bottles.

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Harden’s reaction included disbelief, loud laughter and even applause. He couldn’t help but look at the computer monitor, his surprise visible as he shouted, “No!”

While the popularity of memes and Harden’s foray into live streaming provide a light-hearted look at the NBA’s global influence, it’s important to recognize the complex dynamics of the league. The NBA’s international popularity and success comes with the challenge of balancing sporting, business and socio-political issues. Examples such as the Kerry controversy in Hong Kong are a reminder that the convergence of sport, culture and commerce requires careful navigation.

In the digital age, the meme “get ready to learn Chinese, buddy” is a good example of the ability of humor to cross borders. The integration with James Harden’s direct shopping effort adds an interesting layer, highlighting the NBA’s flexibility and influence in today’s interconnected world.

As memes continue to shape the way we communicate and connect, it’s sure to be interesting to see how they unite global communities, even when the topic goes beyond bad performance. basketball.

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