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Relias Learning Login Employee Login

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RN A Prophecy Relias Medical-Surgical Test Answer 1.2 mg is exactly how many micrograms? – 1200 mcg postoperative patient has a Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain in place. How to ensure efficient functioning of sewage system? – Press the drain, then plug the pear to set the suction. A patient complains of discomfort during balloon inflation while inserting a urinary catheter. What would be the most appropriate course of action? – Deflate the balloon, advance the catheter, then re-inflate the balloon. Your patient is symptomatically anemic but refuses a blood transfusion for religious reasons. What is the appropriate response? – Respect your wishes and inform your doctor. Your patient was admitted with diverticulitis. What type of diet do you plan to prescribe to the patient? – Soup without peel, gelatin, berries. You were hired to work in the medical unit and when you arrived at work, the head nurse assigned you to the post-operative department because they were understaffed. What is the most correct action? – Go to the postoperative department. What is a proton pump inhibitor such as pantoprazole (Protonix) used for? – Decrease in acidity. Which adaptive equipment is most appropriate to use for a critically ill patient who cannot bear weight during transfers from bed to chair? – Elevate the patient (eg Hoyer) Which tool should you use to assess the pain of your 80-year-old patient with severe dementia? – The PAINAD scale was administered to your patient with an e…

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Report on the Laboratory of Mitosis and Development of Multicellular Organisms, Grossmont College. Hello again! This is the second lab I was talking about that you might want to do. Report on the Laboratory of Mitosis and Development of Multicellular Organisms, Grossmont College. Hello again! This is the second lab I was talking about that you might want to do.

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Capitalism and the Covid-19 Pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge facing mankind since the world wars of the 20th century. Viruses… Capitalism and the Covid-19 Pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic is humanity’s greatest challenge since the world wars of the 20th century. The virus is only a year old, but…

Umgc csia310 Project Incident Response Module Part 1. Reportable incident: reportable during after-action. Red Team Report – Incident Location: Sifers-Grayson 1555 Pine … Umgc Project csia310 Part 1 Incident Response Form. Reported Incident: Reported during action after action. Red Team Report – Crash Location: Siphers-Grayson 1555 Pine Knob Trail, Pine Knob, KY 42721 …

Children caught in abusive homes. If not detected early, child abuse can be a difficult situation to deal with. Childhood Trauma,… Children in Violent Homes. Edit If child abuse is not detected at an early stage, it can be a difficult situation to deal with. Psychological, spiritual and general trauma…

Rasmussen College Using Innovation to Improve Proficiency in Nursing Materials Analyze an innovation that led to a process or product upgrade. Scenario after recent graduation… Rasmussen College Using Innovation to Improve Nursing Competence Analyze an innovation that led to a process or product upgrade Scenario After recently earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), you have been promoted to the clinical office of your instructor’s department. . . The Chief Nursing Officer has requested your assistance in undertaking an innovative practice analysis to help the organization identify future technology needs that will drive innovation and future service to the local community. This innovative commitment to innovation in excellence in practice is called “The Time for the Future is Now”. Institutional Characteristics: Non-profit, full-service regional hospital with 92 beds, 600 employees, of whom 120 are active consultant physicians. The mission is simple: to improve the health, lives and well-being of the people in the communities we serve. Philosophy: We serve the rural community as if we were in the outback. Unique services currently offered include: A team approach to cancer care with an on-site multidisciplinary clinic run by virtual assistants. (currently the largest cost center) Genetic counseling with a personalized approach to drug therapy, delivered through virtual visits by doctors, trained genetic counselor nurses, and 24-hour access to side-effect and drug efficacy monitoring with password-protected virtual primary care . Laboratory portal service, offered daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., with a copay of $25.00 per routine health visit. Community Demographics: Current rural population is approximately 30,000, 97% Caucasian, 2% African American, and 1% Hispanic 60.1% of residents are retired Average age = 64.2 years Diabetes, heart disease, and chronic conditions 89% of residents have obstructive pulmonary disease and in their home Living; A single family household has a median annual income of $34,000.00 Notices The following two types of innovative healthcare services are being considered for acquisition and integration into this organization. Analyze the two types of innovation considered for purchase. The main objective is to select an innovation that best meets the needs of the local community. Virtual babysitting service (currently contracted with a local agency to provide babysitting services) Telephone wound consultation service (currently contracted with a local health agency to provide certified wound care nurses) Wound care analysis Write two innovations in a Word document, including the following Include: Recommend the renovation as the first or second choice for procurement with a detailed explanation of the rationale for the choice, including: Identify the direct impact on resources, organization and community service from the literature supporting the choice Costs, training, patient outcomes, employee satisfaction , patient satisfaction. Explain the expected impact on the company’s organization and service. Sustainability, maintenance, continuous learning, enhancement of community services. Provide a clear and detailed explanation of your priority choice, including bibliographic resources to support your choice. At least two immediate health effects on the population are clearly described and detailed. A clear and detailed description of at least two direct impacts on the healthcare organization. A clear and detailed description of at least two expected health effects on the population is given. A clearly defined and detailed description of at least two expected impacts on the healthcare organization. Use APA format for citations and references. Formal style is reflected throughout the document, including the absence of spelling, grammar, and APA errors. There should be information

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Isabella Curiel

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