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Grow With Us Learning Academy – One of the keys to unlocking your child’s potential is understanding how they learn best. This is why you hear so much talk about “visual learners” and “giftedness”.

However, if you really want your child to reach their potential, you need to go deeper. This is the reasoning behind Gardner’s famous theory of intelligence.

Grow With Us Learning Academy

This theory is increasingly used by leading child care providers in the United States and elsewhere. Here’s what you need to know about Gardner’s theory of intelligence.

Caring For Your Baby And Young Child, 7th Edition: Birth To Age 5: American Academy Of Pediatrics: 9781984817709: Books

Gardner’s theory is based on the idea that everyone has multiple “intelligences”, some more or less than others. Eight intelligences are identified in this theory. All of these are:

This describes highly developed verbal communication skills and listening skills. Sensitivity to the rhythm and meaning of the language is also important.

This describes the child’s ability to recognize and follow numerical and logical patterns. It also describes their ability to calculate the world around them.

This is a form of physical intelligence. Describes the child’s ability to control body movements and skillfully use objects.

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As the name suggests, this measure describes the child’s ability to produce, understand and appreciate tone, pitch and rhythm. It doesn’t necessarily mean musical talent or ability.

Interpersonal intelligence describes a child’s ability to understand the feelings and motives of others and respond to them accurately, effectively and in a healthy way. It’s all about reading social cues and responding appropriately.

Introverts focus more on the inside. It describes the capacity for self-awareness and the extent to which the child is in touch with his inner thoughts and feelings.

Natural intelligence is a child’s ability to manage, classify and understand the natural environment. It often manifests as a strong interest in outdoor activities.

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This level is quite high. It describes our collective ability to recognize and address larger existential questions, such as the meaning of life.

So how does intelligence theory apply to child protection services? The most important first step is to determine which intelligences are rich and which are less important for the child.

This can be implemented in different ways. This usually means involving them in their main hobbies (getting outdoors, practicing music, etc.).

By trying all these different stimuli, you can quickly learn what your baby gets used to the most easily. This way, they can nurture their talents based on the things they enjoy the most.

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This ensures only efficient and targeted development. It makes the learning journey fun and shows children that lifelong development can be fun. This may be the most important consideration when looking for a daycare place for your child.

Although not all of our courses are based on theories of intelligence, we can learn some valuable lessons from them. We agree that the best way to help children grow is to expose them to different learning environments and help them discover their superpowers.

If this sounds like something your child could benefit from, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact our friendly and professional team to find out what we can offer. Our course graduates become great companies, such as IBM, DBS and foodpanda. You can contact them. Don’t know where to start?

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Why Childcare Centers Should Consider Gardner’s Theory Of Intelligences

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Isabella Curiel

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