Learn To Skate Near Me

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Learn To Skate Near Me – Independent Skating Academy follows the Learn to Skate USA (LTS USA) curriculum, the premier figure skating program in the United States, supported by USA Figure Skating, USA Hockey, USA Speed ​​​​​​​​​​​Skating and the Special Olympics.

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe and educational environment for anyone learning to skate. Our professional team of instructors, each with their own skating experience, have the special skills and training to keep skaters motivated from their first steps on the ice to reaching their goals.

Learn To Skate Near Me

Learn To Skate Near Me

All participants in our Learn to Skate program must purchase a Learn to Skate USA Sports Accident Insurance membership valid from July 1st through June 30th of each year prior to registering for classes. Membership is only $16. People who participate in more than one program must pay the annual fee once a year.

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Basic lessons are 30 minutes long and cost $70 for a 5-week session and include freeskate rental and 12 public practice cards with LTS USA membership. Our advanced classes are 60 minutes long and cost $100 for a 5-week class and include 12 public ice training passes with a current LTS USA membership.

Learn to skate for all ages – from toddlers to adults! Helmets are recommended for beginners. Don’t forget to dress warmly: mittens, pants and layered clothing. Have you ever watched figure skating or ice hockey on TV and wanted to skate like them? All great skaters had to start with the basics. The Helena Figure Skating Club is the only authorized figure skating organizer in the United States that has learned to skate in Helena. We offer skating lessons throughout the season

To provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skiing. Something happens the moment the child’s skates touch the ice. It’s surreal. empowering This is an experience where the children learn a lot about skating and themselves. Your child learns glides, turns, transitions and crossovers. Your child learns positivity, self-confidence and personal strength.

Anyone can learn to skate at almost any age! HFSC’s Learn to Skate (LTS) program introduces people of all ages to figure skating. We start our youngest, beginning skaters ages 4-6 in the Snow Plow Sam class. The curriculum is designed to keep little ones amused and entertained while learning the basics of skating. New skaters aged 7-13 start training in Beginner 1, where they learn the skills to start at a slightly higher speed. We also offer classes for new teens and adult skaters that allow you to develop on a more individual basis, adult basic skills. Skaters are placed at the appropriate level based on age and skill level assessment by our Director of Skating Instruction or experienced staff. New skaters can start lessons at the beginning of any learn to skate session during the first session.

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If you have a skater who wants to come to Helena’s hockey program, we can also make them ready! The basics of learning to skate are the same for everyone. Whether your skater wants to jump and spin, spin fast around the rink, score the game-winning goal, or learn to skate for fun, the Learn to Skate program is the best way to get started!

Learn to Skate 2023 Skate Lesson Summary Check out the FAQ page for great information for beginners! Learn to Skate USA is the official USA Skating program for USA Figure Skating, USA Hockey and USA Speed ​​Skating. This program is particularly unique to the greater Cleveland area because not only do we offer innovative instruction that is both informative and motivating, but we also include many additional subjects. These include free skate hire, extended lesson time, achievement badges to mark student progress and a report card to monitor individual student progress.

The program has been developed for ages 2.5 to 4 years. This is a great family program where skaters and parents learn the basics of skating together. Skaters go from parents and toddlers to Sam the Snow Plow.

Learn To Skate Near Me

The program is designed for children from 3 to 6 years. This beginner program is designed to make skaters more comfortable and in control on the ice. The snow plow program is built on 4 levels. Snowplow Sam 1 introduces skills such as snow marching (both forward and backward), sliding, and proper techniques for falling and getting up. Snowplow Sam 2 introduces skills like forward and backward skating. Snowplow Sam 3 introduces skills such as reversing, stopping the snowplow, sliding with one foot. Sam 4 continues his excellent skating skills and introduces two kick turns.

What To Know When Teaching Your Toddler To Ice Skate

Program for skaters from 6 years. Pupils learn correct reading and standing skills, rolling forwards and backwards, sliding on two legs, jumping and starting stops. Children learn to skate comfortably and get real pleasure from the ice. Recommended for figure skating and ice hockey.

This class features one-leg slide, back slide, back slide, one-leg pump, two-leg front-to-back tilt, and a snowplow stop. Recommended for figure skating and ice hockey.

This class perfects the proper use of the skate blades and includes forward slalom, one-foot back push, cross-over introductions and two-foot spins. Recommended for figure skating and ice hockey.

This starts the advanced skating level for beginners. Skaters learn to use both the inside and outside of the blade, clockwise and counterclockwise transitions, 3-turns, proper backstrokes and rear snowplow stops. Recommended for figure skating and ice hockey.

Learning To Skateboard In My 30s Has Been A Revelation

This class starts with back transitions from both sides, hockey stop, outer and inner end of the back circle, and single leg spins with a maximum of 3 spins. Recommended for figure skating and ice hockey.

A combination of Basic 7 and Basic 8 skills. This class will prepare the skater to advance to a higher level of freestyle skills. Step sequences, one leg spins, waltz jumps, half somersaults and tulups.

For skaters who want to progress to a high level of figure skating. Freestyle covers all the basic jumps, turns and kicks needed to become a competitive runner while working on marks 2-6.

Learn To Skate Near Me

A program designed for adult beginners who have never skated or have not yet achieved the smoothness and speed of skating. Skills such as fall and recovery, forward slide and slide, backward slide, two-foot slide and forward chase will be covered. Beginner and advanced classes available – each class is tailored to work on the skills you want to improve.

Synchronised Development + 1 Day Of Learn To Skate (8+)

Rink reservations must be made by emailing Recreation Commissioner Betsy Drenski at drenskib@. People must be 21 years of age or older to reserve a lane. Learn more or view the current availability chart.

This ice time is for figure skating only and is offered year-round. Private lessons are available during this period. What’s better than learning to skate in sunny Florida! At AdventHealth Center Ice, our Learn to Skate programs are designed for all ages and skill levels. We offer a program for everyone, whether you want to acquire a new hobby or take up figure skating and ice hockey. For those who have completed our Learn to Skate program and are ready to learn to play hockey, we offer fall, winter, spring and summer camps, a comprehensive learn to skate program and additional ice hockey lessons!

Our Learn to Skate program offers fun, interactive classes that provide the basics of recreational or competitive figure skating and ice hockey. We follow a structure that encourages skill development to help athletes progress in figure skating or hockey. We offer three core programs: ICs Snowballs, ICs Skate School and ICs Hockey Superstars 101, and we strive to help our skaters achieve their goals. Finally, we follow the nationally recognized USA Learn to Skate program, which is supported by USA Figure Skating and USA Hockey.

From taking your first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques, from children to adults, our program offers a curriculum for everyone. Our Learn to Skate program offers a dynamic system where athletes develop at their own pace and focus on development based on the alphabet of athletic fundamentals: agility, balance, coordination and speed. After completing the program, athletes can safely move on to more targeted areas of skating.

Learn To Skate

The Learn to Skate for Adults program is designed specifically for adult beginners who want to learn the basics of skating for fun or to advance in hockey or figure skating. Participating in the program will help improve physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while learning proper skating technique. This is an exciting program for people who find riding an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as for those who enjoy socializing and making new friends.

The IC Snowball program provides a fun and energetic environment for children who are ready to learn the basics of skating.

IC Skate School offers structured instruction for beginners to intermediate athletes that includes a warm-up

Learn To Skate Near Me

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