Plate Tectonics Webquest

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Plate Tectonics Webquest

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Science10 Q1 Mod4of5 Plate Tectonics V2

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Plate Tectonics Web Quest

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Plate Tectonics Web Quest Part I: Structure of the Earth. Use the following link to find the answers: Click on “Structure of the Earth” (top of page). Circle and click on each marked part of the Earth’s interior to answer questions 2, 3, and 4. 1. Name the parts of the earth (from outside to inside) in the picture below. 1) 2) Lithosphere 3) 4) 5) 2. Lithosphere consists of ________ and a small part _________ ___________. 3. The lithosphere plates directly beneath the lithosphere, this hot, soft __________ _______ in the upper mantle moves (or floats). This is called ____________________. 4. The only liquid layer of the Earth ___________ ___________. Part II. Plate tectonics. Use the following link to find the answers: …

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Plate Tectonics Webquest

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Isabella Curiel

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